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MS Harley 2253, Volume 2: Index of First Lines

This index lists first lines, titles, and incipits. Titles that differ from the first line or incipit are in italics.

A Beauty White as Whale’s Bone [art. 36]
A Goliard’s Feast [art. 20]
A Song of Lewes [art. 23]
A  Spring Song on the Passion [art. 53]
ABC a femmes [art. 8]
ABC of Women [art. 8]
Advice to Women [art. 44]
Alle herkneth to me nou [art. 21]
Alle that beoth of huerte trewe [art. 47]
Alysoun [art. 29]
Anima Christi, sanctifica me [art. 19]
Annot and John [art. 28]
Another for Yellow-Green [art. 14]
Ase Y me rod this ender day [art. 67]
Autumn Song, An [art. 63]
Blessed Are You, Lady [art. 66]
Blessed be thou, Levedy [art. 66]
Blow, Northern Wind [art. 46]
Blow, northerne wynd [art. 46]
Bytuene Mersh ant Averil [art. 29]
Carnal Love Is Folly [art. 24a]
Ces sunt les pardouns de Acres [art. 39]
Ces sunt les pelrinages communes [art. 38]
Charnel amour est folie [art. 24a]
Chaunter m’estoit [art. 24]
Clerk and the Girl, The[art. 64]
Cyl qe vodra oyr mes chauns [art. 26]
De l’Yver et de l’Esté [art. 9]
Death of Edward I, The [art. 47]
Debate between Body and Soul [art. 22]
Debate between Winter and Summer [art. 9]
Dulcis Jesu memoria [art. 58]
Dum ludis floribus [art. 55]
Earth upon Earth [art. 24b]
En may par une matyné, s’en ala juer [art. 37]
Enseignement sur les amis [art. 26]
Erthe toc of erthe [art. 24b]
Execution of Sir Simon Fraser, The [art. 25]
Fair Maid of Ribblesdale, The [art. 34]
Ferroy chaunsoun [art. 54]
Five Joys of the Virgin, The [art. 67]
Flemish Insurrection, The [art. 48]
Geste of Kyng Horn, The [art. 70]
Gilote and Johane [art. 37]
Gilote e Johane [art. 37]
Gloriosus ac summo regi acceptus rex Ethelbertus [art. 18]
Harrowing of Hell [art. 21]
Her bygynneth the Geste of Kyng Horn [art. 70]
Herketh hideward ant beoth stille [art. 32]
Herkne to my ron [art. 68]
Heye Louerd, thou here my bone [art. 45]
How to Apply Silverfoil [art. 15]
How to Make Another Kind of Green [art. 13]
How to Make Grass-Green [art. 12]
How to Make Iron as Hard as Steel [art. 16]
How to Make Red Vermilion [art. 10]
How to Make White Lead [art. 17]
How to Temper Azure [art. 11]
I Pray to God and Saint Thomas [art. 54]
I Sigh When I Sing [art. 62]
I syke when Y singe [art. 62]
Ich herde men upo mold [art. 31]
Ichot a burde in a bour ase beryl so bryht [art. 28]
Ichot a burde in boure bryht [art. 46]
In a fryht as Y con fare fremede [art. 35]
In a thestri stude Y stode a lutel strif to here [art. 22]
In May hit murgeth when hit dawes [art. 44]
Incipit vita sancti Ethelberti [art. 18]
Jesu Crist, heovene kyng [art. 51]
Jesu, for thi muchele miht [art. 61]
Jesu, suete is the love of the [art. 58]
Jesus, by Your Great Might [art. 61]
Jesus Christ, Heaven’s King [art. 51]
Jesus, Sweet Is the Love of You [art. 58]
Joys of Our Lady, The [art. 49]
King Horn [art. 70]
Laborers in the Vineyard, The [art. 41]
Lament for Simon de Montfort [art. 24]
Lenten ys come with love to toune [art. 43]
Les pardouns de Acres [art. 39]
Les pelrinages communes que crestiens fount en la Seinte Terre [art. 38]
Lesson for True Lovers [art. 26]
Life of Saint Ethelbert, The [art. 18]
Life of Saint Marina, The [art. 32]
Lord that lenest us lyf [art. 25a]
Lover’s Complaint, The [art. 30]
Lustneth, lordinges, bothe yonge ant olde [art. 48]
Lystneth, lordynges! A newe song Ichulle bigynne [art. 25]
Maiden, Mother Mild [art. 69]
Marie, mere al Salveour [art. 57]
Marie, pur toun enfaunt [art. 49]
Mary, Mother of the Savior [art. 57]
Maximian [art. 68]
Mayden, moder milde [art. 69]
Meeting in the Wood, The [art. 35]
Middelerd for mon wes mad [art. 27]
Momentaneum est quod delectat [art. 24a*]
Most I ryden by Rybbesdale [art 34]
My deth Y love, my lyf Ich hate [art. 64]
Ne mai no lewed lued libben in londe [art. 40]
Nou skrinketh rose ant lylie-flour [art. 63]
Of a mon Matheu thohte [art. 41]
Old Man’s Prayer, An [art. 45]
On the Follies of Fashion [art. 25a]
Pardons of Acre, The [art. 39]
Pilgrimages in the Holy Land [art. 38]
Poet’s Repentance, The [art. 33]
Quant fu en ma juvente [art. 56]
Quant voy la revenue l’yver [art. 20]
Quy a la Dame de parays [art. 8]
Satire on the Consistory Courts [art. 40]
Sermon on God’s Sacrifice and Judgment [art. 59]
Sitteth alle stille ant herkneth to me [art. 23]
Song of the Husbandman [art. 31]
Song on Jesus’ Precious Blood [art. 56]
Soul of Christ, Sanctify Me [art. 19]
Spring [art. 43]
Stand Well, Mother, under Rood [art. 60]
Stond wel, moder, under rode [art. 60]
Suete Jesu, king of blysse [art. 50]
Sweet Jesus, King of Bliss [art. 50]
Tac a vessel of eorthe [art. 17]
Tac argul [art. 16]
Tac brasyl [art. 10]
Tac gumme arabuk [art. 15]
Tac jus of a rotet appel [art. 13]
Tac peniwort [art. 14]
Tac verdigres [art. 12]
Three Foes of Man, The [art. 27]
Un grant estrif oy l’autrer [art. 9]
Une petite parole [art. 59]
Vorte couche selverfoyl [art. 15]
Vorte make cynople [art. 10]
Vorte make gras-grene [art. 12]
Vorte maken another maner grene [art. 13]
Vorte maken blankplum [art. 17]
Vorte maken iren as hart as stel [art. 16]
Vorte temprene asure [art. 11]
Wayle whyt ase whalles bon, A [art. 36]
Weping haveth myn wonges wet [art. 33]
What Allures Is Momentary [art. 24a*]
When Y se blosmes springe [art. 53]
When the Nightingale Sings [art. 65]
When the nyhtegale singes [art. 65]
While You Play in Flowers [art. 55]
Winter Song, A [art. 52]
With longyng Y am lad [art. 30]
Wose wole of love be trewe, do lystne me [art. 36]
Wynter wakeneth al my care [art. 52]
Yef thin asure is fine [art. 11]
Yet for gaude-grene [art. 14]

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