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About TEAMS Middle English Text Series (METS)

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The TEAMS Middle English Texts Series (METS) is a publication of the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, the University of Rochester, and the Teaching Association for Medieval Studies  (TEAMS), with Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan. The texts are made available here by permission of the Executive Committee of TEAMS and The Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University.

The Middle English Text Series is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities; the University of Rochester's Rossell Hope Robbins Library, River Campus Libraries, Department of English, and School of Arts and Sciences; and TEAMS. The Editorial Staff of the Middle English Texts Series operates from the Rossell Hope Robbins Library.

The goal of the TEAMS Middle English Texts Series is to make available to teachers and students texts which occupy an important place in the literary and cultural canon but which have not been readily available in student editions. The focus is upon literature adjacent to that normally in print, which teachers need in compiling the syllabi they wish to teach. The editions maintain the linguistic integrity of the original works but within the parameters of modern reading conventions.

Current Staff, Board Members, and Contributors

Editorial Board
General Editor
Russell A. Peck

Associate Editors
Susanna Fein
Alan Lupack
Anna Siebach-Larsen

Managing Editor
Pamela M. Yee

Consulting Editors
Thomas Hahn
Victoria Szabo

Editorial Staff
Staff Editors
Steffi Delcourt
Eleanor Price
Daniel Kephart

Undergraduate Interns
Phillip Zaborny
James Norris

Metadata, Programming, and Technical Support (River Campus Libraries)
Margaret Dull (Director of Metadata Strategies)
Peter Nowak (IT Support Specialist)
Jeff Suszczynski (Web Applications Programmer)

Advisory Board
Theresa Coletti
Rita Copeland
Alexandra Gillespie
Thomas Goodmann
David Lawton
Michael Livingston
David Raybin
Eve Salisbury
Lynn Staley
David Wallace
Bonnie Wheeler

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