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Volumes Currently in Progress

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(Updated 24 August 2018)

Alexander and Dindimus, Alexander’s Letter, and Other India Writings
Lady Margaret Beafort, trans. The Imitation of Christ and The Mirror of Gold to the Sinful Soul
Le Bone Florence of Rome
William Caxton, Mirrour of the World
Chester Cycle
The Childhood of Jesus Narratives
Christine de Pisan, Epistra Othéa
Cursor Mundi
Eustache Deschamps, Miroir de Mariage
The Destruction of Jerusalem
or Titus and Vespasian
The Destruction of Troy
Digby Mary Magdalene
Gavin Douglas, The Eneados Prologues
Gavin Douglas, The Palyce of Honour
Dream of Rhonabwy
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 432 Miscellany

Edward of Norwich, Master of Game
The Four Branches of the Mabinogi
Ghostly Fathers: The Middle English Lives of Gregory, Austyn, and Erkenwald with related materials in Prose and Verse

John Gower, Mirour de l'Omme
John Gower, Vox Clamantis
Great London Chronicle
Robert Grosseteste, The Court of Love and Chasteau d'amur
John Hardyng, Chronicle in Two Volumes
Stephen Hawes, Pastime of Pleasure
Thomas Hoccleve, The Holograph Manuscripts
Richard Holland, The Buke of the Howlat
Innocent III, Works of Innocent III
Knyghthode and Bataile

Layamon's Brut
Life of Alexander the Great
Lives of St. Christopher
John Lydgate, Dance of Death and Related Works
John Lydgate, Fabula Duorum Mercatorum and Guy of Warwyk
John Lydgate, Fall of Princes
John Lydgate, The Life of Our Lady
John Lydgate, Reson and Sensuallité
Guillaume de Machaut, Complete Works in Eight Volumes
Magnussona Saga
Robert Manning, Handlynge Synne
A Medieval Anglo-Irish Treasure: Harley MS 913
Middle English Breton Lays
The Middle English Melusine
Middle English Poems on the Childhood of Jesus

The Owl and the Nightingale
Paris and Viene
and Blanchardine and Eglantine
Partonope of Blois
Patient Grissel and the Taming of the Shrew
Christine de Pisan, Epistra Othéa
Ralph Roister-Doister and Gammer Girton's Needle
Richard Rolle's English Psalter and Canticles
Richard Rolle's Middle English Works and Richard Misyns's Translation of Incendium Amoris

Roman de Saladin
Six Scottish Courtly and Chivalric Poems, including Lyndsay's Squyer Meldrum

St. Erkenwald and The Trentals of Gregory
The St. Katherine Group
Seven Scottish Pieces
A Talkyng of the Love of God

Three Prose Epitomes of the Fifteenth Century: Lydgate's Serpent of Division and the Lydgatian Sege of Thebes and Sege of Troy
Torrent of Portingale
Towneley Cycle
Two Anchoritic Prayer Cycles
Welsh Arthurian Poetry: "Culhwch and Olwen," "The Elegy for Owain," "Geraint filius Erbin," and "Ludd and Llefelys"

The Welsh Morality Plays
William of Palerne and Chevalere Assigne