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Appendix: Lawson and Haldane Family Trees

Appendix: The Lawson and Haldane Family Trees: FOOTNOTES

1 Listed as Provost of Edinburgh in May 1492 and January 1504/05 (see the Appendix to Marwick, Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh). See also an instrument of sasine dated 13 March 1492/93 citing “Mr. Richard Lauson of Hieriggis, clerk of the King's justiciary” and “his spouse Jonet Elphinstoun” (NRS GD103/1/19); their marriage is also confirmed in GD150/243 (16 March 1494/95), and the charter NRS GD120/3 (27 April 1500). For Master Richard’s date of death, see note 2 below.

2 Reg.Mag.Sig. 2:664, no. 3110, charter granted to “Jonet Liddale” and her spouse “Roberto Lawsoun, filio et heredi apparenti M. Ricardi L. de Hieriggis,” issued 28 June 1507 and registered 2 July; evidently Robert was the eldest son. His father Richard seems to have died between these two dates, since the introductory clause describes him as “quondam familiaris regis” (a former intimate of the king’s). Robert himself was dead by 9 May 1521, the date of a precept recognizing “James Lausoun as heir to deceased Robert L., his father” (NRS GD120/19).

3 See NRS GD122/1/579, a resignation by Walter Zong dated 18 April 1513 and witnessed by “Robert Lawson, of Hierigg” and “Master Patrick Lawson, Prebend of Corstophin.”

4 A tack for the lands of Skiprig was issued to “Mr. James Lausoun, son of the deceased Mr. Richard Lausoun of the Hieriggis” on 19 February 1516/17. In a discharge of 6 June 1535, the land would be made over to “John and Patrick Lausoun, sons of the deceased Mr. James Lausoun, provost of Edinburgh,” and at a later date still, these brothers died and the land went to a third brother George. For all three records, see Report on Manuscripts in Various Collections, 5:25–26.

5 See NRS GD120/14, an instrument of sasine by “Mr. Richard Lausoun ex propriis manibus to Richard Lausoun, his son,” dated 10 October 1504. This Richard was dead by 5 November 1526, when his nephew James Lawson of Hieriggis (son of Robert) issued a precept in favor of Mr. Patrick Lausoun as heir to deceased “Richard L., his brother” (NRS GD120/21).

6 Her date of death is given as July 1553 in the action raised on 13 December 1555 by her grandson John, “Oy [grandson] and air to umquhile Johnne Haldane of Glennegas, quha wes slane at the feild of Flowdoun,” and “umquhill Marioun [i.e., Marjorie] Lawsoun his spous, Gudame [grandmother] to the said John Haldane, now of Glennegas” (Hamer, Works, 3:203–04, quoting from Acta Dom.Con. MS. 12.343 as printed in Laing, Poetical Works, 1:324).

7 NRS GD198/18: “Precept of sasine by John Halden [Haldane], son and heir of Bernard Halden [Haldane] of Gleneges [Gleneagles],” with one of the baillies named as “Patrick Halden [Haldane], brother of granter,” dated 30 September 1472.

8 NRS GD198/45: Instrument of resignation by “Agnes of Menteth [Menteith], spouse of John Haldan [Haldane] . . . for new infeftment in favour of James Haudane [Haldane], son and apparent heir of said Agnes and John,” dated 6 April 1472. See also GD198/49, 23 July 1473.

9 NRS GD198/16, Charter of 20 December 1481 by John Haldane “to James Halden [Haldane], his son and apparent heir, and Christian Grahame [Graham] his spouse”; baillies include “Patrick Haldane, brother of John Halden [Haldane] of Glennegas [Gleneagles]” (see associated precept of sasine, NRS GD198/17). Sir James’ year of death is given in a retour of 1 July 1505 in favor of his heir John Haldane, the lands “having been in [the] king’s hands for two years or thereby” (NRS GD198/67).

10 NRS, GD198/65: Instrument of sasine in favor of “James Haudane [Haldane] of Glennegas [Gleneagles], kt.,” witnessed by “George Haudane [Haldane], brother of the said James,” dated 6 January 1501/02. NRS GD198/119–120: instrument of sasine witnessed by “George Haldene [Haldane], uncle of Sir John Haldane of Glenegas [Gleneagles],” dated 14 May 1513.

11 NRS, GD198/124: Instrument of sasine of 12 January 1513/14 following a precept of 2 December 1513 “in favour of James Haudene [Haldane], son and heir of deceased John Haudene [Haldane] of Glenegas [Gleneagles], kt., in lands and barony of Glenegas and lands and barony of Haudene [Haldane], excepting lands of Rusky [Ruskie] and Lanrik [Lanrick] in stewartry of Menteth [Menteith] in hands of Margaret Lausone [error for Marjorie], spouse of said deceased Sir John, by reason of conjunct fee.” Procurator is “Mr. Gilbert Haudene [Haldane], tutor testamentar and legal of James Haudene of Glenegas [Gleneagles].” (Haldane, Haldanes of Gleneagles, pp. xviii–xix has Gilbert as Sir John Haldane’s brother and James’ uncle). James died in February 1547: see the retour of 29 March 1547, in favor of his son John in the lands and baronies of Gleneagles and Haldane, excepting lands held by James’ wife Margaret Erskine or mother Marjorie (misnamed “Marion”), both called “ladies of Gleneges” (NRS, GD198/127).

12 According to Haldane, Haldanes of Gleneagles, pp. 35–36, this may be the “Archibald Halden” who witnessed a document of 4 May 1542 alongside “James Halden of Glennagas” and “James Lausoun of Hie Riggis” (NRS GD158/248; letters of reversion by Adam Boithwell and his mother Katherine Bellendene).


Documents supporting the Lawson and Haldane Family Trees:

These are in addition to documents cited in the Introduction to the Meldrum Poems, “The Historie and History.” Note that the relative ages of the Lawson siblings are unknown apart from that of the eldest son and heir Robert, and there may have been more siblings than shown here.

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