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Fabula Duorum Mercatorum and Guy of Warwyk: Glossary

abrood spread all over
afferd afraid
affray fear, dismay
aforn, afforn before
ageyn again; against, in opposition to
anoon immediately, soon
auctour author, source
avayll assist, help
ay always

ballaunce balance, scale; hangyng in ~ be in jeopardy or danger; feel uncertain
ben be
benbassat, benbassatrie by means of ambassadors, i.e. through negotiation
bespreynt, spreynt sprinkled with
bond binding agreement
bonde (adj.) bound, not free
boone prayer, petition, request
brent, brennyng burnt, burning
byde (v.) delay

cheer happiness; face, facial expression showing emotion
coost region
chaunbre (bed) chamber
cure attend, work, attention; bisy ~ work diligently, do one’s best

dampned declared guilty, condemned
darreyne to decide by combat
degré, degree rank, position in society; measurement of heat; by ~ gradually
do, do(o)n(e) do, make
dolour intense sadness
dool grief; pain
dreed(e) dread, anxiety; warning, threat
dressed prepared
dulle, dulled numbed, bewildered

echon, echoon each one
eek also
emprise, empryse enterprise, undertaking
equyté fairness, justice
erys ears
evir among again and again; always

feer(e), fyr fire
ferre match, peer, companion, friend; company; in ~, ife(r)e together
ferre far
firmament the heavens
flawme flame
fonde try, attempt
fro from
froward Of Fortune, unfavourable, malicious; of people, hostile, warlike
fyne (v. and n.) end

gaff gave
gan did
garnementis garments, clothing
gladly usually; readily

habiriownys habergeons (coats of chain mail)
han have
heer here
heere hear; here
he m them, those
her, here their
hir her
humblesse humility

icast having been cast into; planned

Kynde Nature
kynde type, category
kyndenesse kindness, benevolence

label mark of cadency on coat of arms
lat/let allow, permit; ~ be cease; ~ me see tell me
leche doctor; lechys, lechis doctors
list, lyst, lest wish, desire; he ne ~ he did not care
louh low
lownesse humility, meekness

maner, maneer manner, a way of being; type; in any such way
mene means, a way (to do something)
mesoure, mesure proportion, balance
moorne, moornyng mourn, mourning
morowhil just before or at dawn
morwe morrow, morning
mot must
myscheef misfortune, sorrow, hardship, disaster, wickedness

necessité need, hardship (see Explanatory Note to Fabula, line 100, for philosophical sense)
nolde would not
nouht not, nothing
nyl, nylt will not

o, oo, oon one, a man/person
orysoun prayer
ouht aught, anything
outher. . . outher either. . . or

party part, division, section; partly, part of; side, group, one side or the other
peyne, peynes pain, pains; penalty
pleyn, pleynly plain, plainly
pleyne complain
pitous benevolent
pitously piteously; humbly, devoutly
plesaunce pleasure, comfort
pomp(e) pride
poraill, porayll the poor, the wretched
punssheth, punysshen, punsshyng punish, punishing

rage anger, vexation, distress
regitiff governing, controlling
rejoisshe occupy, assume rule; glory in
rewm realm

sepulture burial
sholde should
sike (adj.) ill, sick; (v.) to sigh; (subs. adj.) sick man
socour(e) help; to do ~ to render assistance
sojourne stay, sojourn
sole, sool(e) alone
soleyn alone
spreynt see bespreynt
sterte to leap or dart out suddenly
sterte a short time
stre(e)mys streams
sue, sueth to follow, pursue; oppress
suych such

tencontre to encounter, meet
th’emprise see emprise
thenpreent an imprint
tho those, then
thu thou, you
tofore, toforn before
tother, tothir other
travayll travel, often in the sense of being weary with travel; suffering, distress, torment, being troubled
tretable reasonable
trowith believe
trowthe, trowly truth, truly

unkouth unknown, unfamiliar
unwarly unexpectedly

valyd brought down, reduced
viage, vyage journey
visage, vysage face
vygyl the eve of; the night before

weel (adv.) well
wele prosperity
wepnys weapons
wer doubt, uncertainty
wern were
whilom, whiloom once, once long ago