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Four Things that Make a Man a Fool and Yit of the Same

A Seying of Daun Johan

Ther beothe foure thinges that maketh man a fool:
Honnour first putethe him in oultrage,
And alder nexst solytarye and sool;
The secound is unweldy crooked aage;
Wymmen also bring men in dotage,
And mighty wyne in many dyvers wyse
Distempren folk wheche beon holden wyse.

Yit of the Same

Ther beon foure thinges causing gret folye:
Honnour first, and unweldy aage,
Wymmen an wyne, I dare eeke specefye,
Make wyse men fallen in dotage;
Wherfore, by counseyle of phylosofres saage,
In gret honnour lerne this of me:
With thyne estate have humylytee.

in [a state of] intemperance
next; alone

different ways

and; also

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