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Art. 19, Anima christi, sanctifica me: Introduction

ABBREVIATIONS: AND: Anglo-Norman Dictionary; ANL: Anglo-Norman Literature: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts (R. Dean and Boulton); BL: British Library (London); Bodl.: Bodleian Library (Oxford); CCC: Corpus Christi College (Cambridge); CUL: Cambridge University Library (Cambridge); IMEV: The Index of Middle English Verse (Brown and Robbins); IMEV Suppl.: Supplement to the Index of Middle English Verse (Robbins and Cutler); MED: Middle English Dictionary; MWME: A Manual of the Writings in Middle English, 1050–1500 (Severs et al.); NIMEV: A New Index of Middle English Verse (Boffey and Edwards); NLS: National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh).

This work is a familiar hymn and prayer used in liturgy and also accorded power as conveying an indulgence — and sometimes an amulet invoking the body and blood of Christ (Skemer, p. 191 n. 45). It is generally attributed to Pope John XXII (1316–34) and dated around 1330. For commentary, see Kuczynski 2000, p. 140; Duffy 2006, p. 28; and Wilmart, pp. 367–68.

[Fol. 54vb. Chevalier, p. 67 (no. 1090). Daniel 1:345. Scribe: B (Ludlow scribe). Quire: 6. Layout: Copied as prose, filling a portion of a blank column; text opens with large initial A. Edition: Valois, p. 532.]

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