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Poems and Carols (Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Douce 302): Line Indices


(N.B. Burdens for carols are in italics.)

A Babe is borne of hye natewre
A holé confessoure thou were hone
A, mon! Yif thou wold savyd be
A, perles Pryns, to thee we pray
Alle Cristyn men, Y bid you cum
Amen, Jhesu, now I thee pray
An a byrchyn bonke ther bous arne bryght
An holy prayer here bygynnes
And God wold graunt me my prayer
And love thi God over al thyng
And say on thi bedis in this manere
Apon a day Saynt Gregoré
As thou were marter and mayd clene
"Ave, Maria," now say we so
Avyse youe, wemen, wom ye trust
Blessid mot be oure heven quene
Blessid mot thou be, thou berd so bryght
Crist crid in cradil, "Moder, ba, ba!"
Crist that was crucifyd on cros for our synnus sake
Dred of deth, sorow of syn
Fede the hungeré; the thirsté gif drenke
For on a Tewsday, Thomas was borne
For the love of a maydon fre
Fore he is ful yong, tender of age
Fore Love is Love and ever schal be
Fore pride in herte, he hatis all one
Foresake thi Pride and thyn Envy
Gaude, felix Anna, the moder of Mari
Gaude, Maria, Cristis moder
God hath geven of myghtis most
God hath grauntyd grace unto oure lernyng
Haile, the fayrst ther ever God fond
Hayle, gracious Lord in thi Godhede
Hayle, Maré, to thee I say
Hayle, maydyn and wyfe, hayle, wedow Brygytt
Hayle, Wenefryd, that worchipful with thi vergeneté
He that wyl say this oreson
Here I conclud al my makyng
Here may ye here now hwat ye be
Heyle, of wymmen flour of alle
Hit is ful hevé, chastité
Hit is the best, erelé and late
I have a Love, is Heven Kyng
I pra you, seris, al in fere
I pray thee, Fadur Omnipotent
I pray youe, breder everechon
I pray youe, maydys that here be
I pray you, serys, pur charyté
I pray yow, syrus, boothe moore and las
In hel ne purgatoré non other plase
In reverens of oure Lord in heven
In wele beware ore thou be woo
In wat order or what degré
In word, in dede, in wyl, in thoght
Instid of thi Paternoster, this thou take
Ladé, helpe! Jhesu, mercé!
Loke ye say this oresoun
Lordis, yif ye wil lythe
Moné days now agone
"My soule, my Lorde hit mangnefyth"
Mynd, Resun, Vertu, and Grace
Now here this pistil, I you pray
Nowel! Nowel! Nowel!
O allmyghty God everlastynglé
O God, the wyche thou woldust, Lorde
O Jhesu Crist, hongyng on cros
O Lord Jhesu Crist, fore thi holé flesche most worthi
O Lord Jhesu Crist, hongyng on cros
Over-hippers and skippers, moterers and mumlers
Pope Jon the XXII at Avyon was
Rede thys offt, butt rede hit sofft
Salve, I say, Holé Face of our Saveour
Saynt Ancelyne, that holé bischop
Saynt Frances, to thee I say
Saynt Steven, the first martere
Swete Jhesu Crist, to thee
Swete Saynt Anne, we thee beseche
Synt Jon is Cristis derlyng dere
The angel to the vergyn said
The Day of Dome shuld come in here
The furst, hit is thi heryng
The moder of Mary, that merceful may
Then loke thou say anon
The Paternoster to expone, may no man hit pryse
Ther is a Babe born of a may
There is a Floure sprung of a tre
The Sononday is Godis oun chosyn day
This Flour is fayre and fresche of heue
Thy Fyve Wittis loke that thou wele spende
"To thi neghbour fore love of me
Wel ys hym that wil and may
Welcum be thou, Heven Kyng
Welcum, Yole, in good aray
Wele is him and wele schal be
Wele is him that wele can
Wenefrede, thou swete may
What tythyngis bryngst us, messangere
When thou seyst the sacrement
With al the reverens that we may


These synnys of the hert arne these
Whan the chambur of thi soule is clensid fro al syn


Anima Christi sanctifica me
Cur mundus militat sub vana gloria
Laudes Deo dicam per secula
Multis diebus iam peractis
O Deus qui voluisti
O pendens dudum
Virgo pia Wynfryda, pollens in myraculis


(N.B. Excluded are Latin stanza headings and rubrics to English poems.)

Adoramus te Christe et benedicimus tibi
Deus qui beatam Annam diu sterilem prole voluisti
Deus qui beatam vergenem tuam Wenfredam
Deus qui nobis signatum vultis tui memoreali tuum
Finito libro. Sit laus et gloria Christo.
Quicumque hanc salutacionem in honore Salvatoris
Tu Domine per has sanctissimas penas tuas

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