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Romantic History of Robin Hood, The


The Romantic History of Robin Hood

Publisher Location: London and New York
Publisher Name: Harper & Brothers
Publication Date: 1898
And in such plight the Sheriff came back to NottinghamAs he cried, another man, mounted on a great white horse, flashed across the trackBut the fourth arrow split the wand cleanThe captive had become two men, and the other man was a giantA cloak was spread on the ground, and the money poured out on to itDo you know me? she saidFor a moment she paused as if dazedForth from the brushwood—alone, erect, with bare head—strode Robin HoodHe bowed low before her. I am called Robin Hood, fair lady. It may be that you know the name.He drank more heavily and became good company for no manHe drew near to the stranger, and touched him with his foot. Get up, he saidHe swore a great oath that....he would himself...enter Sherwood and capture the outlawsHold! Halt! And Allen o' the Dale felt a hand on his shoulderI did you wrong. It—it was your killThe kill was mine! Little John broke forth impetuouslyThe King! she cried shrilly, I would speak with the King!A murrain on this forest, he exclaimed, and on all that are in it!Nay, said Will Scarlett, I have no further business with youThe old woman lost her wonted quiet and patience, and cursed the agent and the SheriffOne hand still grasped the staff, the other rubbed his bruised pateQuickly and deftly she descended the rope, the knots providing a hold for hands and feetSee, he said to the captain of his men-at-arms, that you follow that man closely when he appearsShe burned one end of a stick in the torch, and then slowly and laboriously began to drawThe Sheriff himself, and a goodly following with him, watched the torch fade awaySo that night a litter was made ready and Robin was laid upon itSought the consolations of piety, and made great gifts to the ChurchThen she took the daisy-chain that she was wearing, and put it about his neckThey bore him to the window and held him there uprightThey stood in silence as the procession passed them and vanished in the distanceTo the rescue! cried Robin, and rushed at the keeperUnder this stair on piles of straw slept certain of the serving men; but these, too, she passed in safetyThe usurer did not seem very well pleasedWho are you? he asked gravely. And what would you with me?With that, Little John picked him up and put him back in the river again

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