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About The Robin Hood Project


The Robin Hood Project is designed to make available a database of texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information about the Robin Hood stories and other outlaw tales. The project is sponsored by the University of Rochester and prepared in The Rossell Hope Robbins Library, a medieval studies library located within Rush Rhees Library.

The Robin Hood Project was created and designed by Alan Lupack, Director of the Robbins Library, and Barbara Tepa Lupack. Victoria Szabo developed original procedures for formatting texts and assisted in the design of the home page. Contributing editor Valerie B. Johnson added significantly to the content and redesigned the website in 2010.  The current version was designed in 2013 by Sean Morris and Bill Gavett of the Digital Initiatives Unit of Rush Rhees Library.

Corinne ArraƩz, Donna Bell, John H. Chandler, Keith Parkins, Ian Peddie, Kristi Castleberry, and Masani McGee have assisted in the preparation of documents and images for inclusion. Thomas Hickman, formerly of the Robbins Library, assisted with proofreading. Jonathan Dick, formerly of the Computing Center at the University of Rochester, Richard Hayden and Kim Miller of the Microcomputer Services Department of Rush Rhees Library and Lisa LaPoint, Jackie Forbes, and David Neuland, formerly of the Microcomputer Services Department of Rush Rhees Library, have provided training and technical support. Allison Zhang, formerly of the Cataloging Department of Rush Rhees Library, and Erin DeGroff and Konstantin Gurevich of the Cataloging Department of Rush Rhees Library have been responsible for cataloging the site.

The Interlibrary Loan Department of Rush Rhees Library has provided invaluable assistance in obtaining texts used in the project.

Please direct questions and comments to Anna Siebach-Larsen at