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Robin Hood Films

Feature Films

Adventures of Robin Hood. Dir. Michael Curtiz and William Keighley. With Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains, Olivia De Havilland and Alan Hale. Warner Brothers, 1938.

L'Arciere di fuoco. Dir. Girgio Ferroni. With Mario Adorf, Lars Bloch, Mark Damon and Silvia Dionisio. Oceanic Produzione, 1971. (Italy)

The Bandit of Sherwood Forest. Dir. George Sherman and Henry Levin. With Cornel Wilde and Anita Louise. Columbia, 1946.

A Challenge for Robin Hood. Dir. C. M. Pennington Richards. With Barrie Ingham, Gay Hamilton and James Hayter. Seven Arts-Hammer Films, 1967. (Alternate Titles: Robin Hood's Chase; The Legend of Robin Hood)

Drei für Robin Hood. Dir. Erik Haffner and Thommy Krappweis. With Christoph Maria Herbst and Sissi Perlinger. KIKA, 2003. (German)

In the Days of Robin Hood. Dir. F. Martin Thornton. With Harry Agar Lyons. Natural Colour Kinematograph, 1913. (Silent)

Ivanhoe. Dir. Herbert Brenon. With Walter Thomas. Independent Moving Pictures, 1913. (Silent)

Ivanhoe. Dir. Richard Thorpe. With Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor and Harold Warrender. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1952.

Ivanhoe. Dir. Douglas Camfield. With James Mason, Sam Neill and David Robb. Columbia Pictures TV, 1982.

Il Magnifico Robin Hood. Dir. Roberto Bianchi Montero. With George Martin and Sheyla Rosin. Marco Claudio Cinematografica, 1970. (Italy)

The Men of Sherwood Forest. Dir. Val Guest. With Don Taylor and Eileen Moore. Hammer Films, 1954.

The Merry Men of Sherwood. Dir. Widgey R. Newman. With John Thompson, Eric Adeney and Aileen Marston. Delta Pictures, 1932.

El Pequeño Robin Hood. Dir. René Cardona. With René Cardona III and Patricia Aspíllaga. 1973. (Mexico)

The Prince of Thieves. Dir. Howard Bretherton. With Jon Hall and Patricia Morison. Columbia, 1948.

Princess of Thieves. Dir. Peter Hewitt. With Stewart Wilson and Keira Knightly. Walt Disney Productions, 2001.

Ribald Tales of Robin Hood. Dir. Richard Kanater and Erwin C. Dietrich. With Lawrence Adams and Danielle Carver. Mondo Films, 1969.

Il Ritorno di Robin Hood. Dir. Peter Seabourne. With Richard Greene. 1991. (Italy) (edited from the Greene TV series)

Robin Hood and His Merry Men. Dir. Percy Stow. Clarendon Films, 1909. (Silent) (Alternate Title: Robin and His Merry Men)

Robin and Marian. Dir. Richard Lester. With Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. Columbia, 1976.

Robin, Frecce, Fagioli e Karate. Dir. Tonino Ricci. With Sergio Ciani and Victoria Abril. Scale Film-Panorama Arco Film, 1977. (Italy/Spain)

Robin Hood. Dir. Étienne Arnaud and Herbert Blaché. With Alex B. Francis and Robert Frazer. American Éclair, 1912. (Silent)

Robin Hood. Dir. Theodore Marston. With William Russell, Gerda Holmes, James Cruze and William Garwood. Thanhouser, 1913. (Silent) (Alternate Title: Robin Hood and Maid Marian)

Robin Hood. Dir. Allan Dwan. With Douglas Fairbanks, Enid Bennett, Wallace Beery and Alan Hale. United Artists, 1922. (Silent)

Robin Hood. Dir. John Irvin. With Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman. 20th Century-Fox, 1991.

Robin Hood. Dir. Mike A. Martinez. With David Wood. Scythe Productions, 1998.

Robin Hood and the Sorcerer. Dir. Ian Sharp. With Robert Addie, Clive Mantle and Judi Trott. Goldcrest Films and Television Productions, 1984.

Robin Hood and the Pirates. Dir. Giorgio Simonelli. With Lex Barker, Jackie Lane and Rossana Rory. F. Ci-T, 1960. (Italy) (Alternate Title: Robin Hood e i pirati)

Robin Hood, el arquero invencible. Dir. José Luis Merino. With Luis Barboo. Cinematografica Lombarda, 1970. (Spain/Italy)

Robin Hood en zijn schelmen. Dir. Henk van der Linden. With Cor van der Linden. 1962. (Netherlands)

Robin Hood Jr. Dir. Clarence Bricker. With Frankie Lee and Peggy Cartwright. East Coast Productions, 1923. (Silent)

Robin Hood Jr. Dir. Matt McCarthy and John Black. With Keith Chegwin and Mandy Tulloch. Brocket, 1975.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Dir. Mel Brooks. With Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis and Patrick Stewart. 20th Century-Fox, 1993.

Robin Hood: The Movie. Dir. Daniel Birt and Terence Fisher. With Richard Greene. Associated Images, 1991. (edited from the Greene TV series)

Robin Hood no yume. Dir. Bansho Kanamori. With Fujio Harumoto. Toa Kinema, 1924. (Silent) (Japan)

Robin Hood nunca muere. Dir. Francisco Bellmunt. With Charly Bravo and Emma Cohen. Profilmes, 1975. (Spain)

Robin Hood, O Trapalhão da Floresta. Dir. Paul DiStefano. With Bill Melathopolous and Mario Cardoso. Atlântida Cinematográfica, 1974. (Brazil)

Robin Hood Outlawed. Dir. Charles Raymond. With A. Brian Plant. British and Colonial Films, 1912. (Silent)

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Dir. Kevin Reynolds. With Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and Mary-Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Morgan Creek Productions, 1991.

Robin Hood: Thief of Wives. Dir. Joe D'Amato. With Mark Davis and Stefania Sartori. 1996. (Italy) (Alternate Title: Robin Hood: The Sex Legend)

Robin of Locksley. Dir. Michael Kennedy. With Devon Sawa and Sarah Chalke. Sugar Entertainment, 1996.

Rogues of Sherwood Forest. Dir. Gordon Douglas. With John Derek, Alan Hale and Diana Lynn. Columbia, 1950.

Son of Robin Hood. Dir. George Sherman. With David Hedison and June Laverick. Argo Film Productions, 1958.

The Story of Robin Hood. Dir. Ken Annakin. With Richard Todd and Joan Rice. RKO-Disney, 1952. (Alternate Title: The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men)

Striely Robin Guda. Dir. Sergei Tarasov. With Int Buran, Yuri Kamory, Boris Khmelnitsky, Algis Masyulis and Ragina Razuma. Riga Film Studio, 1977. (USSR) (Alternate Titles: Arrows of Robin Hood; Robin Hood's Arrows)

Sword of Sherwood Forest. Dir. Terence Fisher. With Richard Greene and Peter Cushing. Hammer Films, 1960.

Tales of Robin Hood. Dir. James Tinling. With Robert Clarke and Mary Hatcher. Lippert Pictures, 1951.

Time Bandits. Dir. Terry Gilliam. With John Cleese, Shelley Duvall, Sean Connery and Michael Palin. Handmade Films, 1981.

Il Trionfo di Robin Hood. Dir. Umberto Lenzi. With Don Burnett and Gia Scala. Italiana Film Buonavista, 1962. (Italy)

Up the Chastity Belt. Dir. Bob Kellett. With Frankie Howerd, Hugh Paddick and Rita Webb. Associated London Films, 1971.

Virgins of Sherwood Forest. Dir. Cybil Richards. With Brian Heidik and Gabriella Hall. Surrender Cinema, 2000.

Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Hood. Dir. John Hough. With David Warbeck and Ciaran Madden. London Weekend Productions, 1969.

The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood. Dir. Ray Austin. With George Segal, Morgan Fairchild and Roddy McDowall. Charles Fries Productions, 1984.


"An Arrow Escape." Dir. Mannie Davis and George Gordon. Terrytoons, 1936.

"Mr. Magoo in Sherwood Forest." Dir. Abe Levitow. With Jim Backus. Paramount, 1964.

"Koko Meets Robin Hood." With Norma MacMillan and Larry Storch. Seven Arts Associated, 1962.

The Legend of Robin Hood. With Tim Elliot and Helen Morse. CBS, 1971. (Australia)

"Rabbit Hood." Dir. Chuck Jones. With Mel Blanc and Errol Flynn. Warner Brothers, 1949.

"Robin Hood." Dir. Paul Terry and Frank Moser. Terrytoons, 1933.

Robin Hood. Dir. Wolfgang Reitherman. With Brian Bedford, Monica Evans, Peter Ustinov and Roger Miller. Walt Disney Productions, 1973.

"Robin Hood Daffy." Dir. Chuck Jones. With Mel Blanc. Warner Brothers, 1956.

"Robin Hood, Jr." Dir. Ub Iwerks. With Eleanor Stewart. Celebrity Productions, Inc./MGM, 1934.

"Robin Hood Makes Good." Dir. Chuck Jones. With Mel Blanc. Warner Brothers, 1939.

"Robin Hood Rides Again." Van Beuren Studios, 1934.

"Robin Hood-Winked." Dir. Seymour Kneitel. With Jack Mercer and Jackson Beck. Famous Studios/Paramount Pictures, 1948.

Rocket Robin Hood. Dir. Ralph Bakshi and Grant Simmons. With Len Carlson and Ed McNamara. Famous Studios, 1966-69. (Canada. 52 episodes.)

Shrek. Dir. Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. With Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Vincent Cassel. Dreamworks, 2001.

Young Robin Hood. With Thor Bishopric. Hanna-Barbera, 1992. (26 episodes)

Television Series

The Adventures of Robin Hood. Dir. Bernard Knowles, Lindsay Anderson, Terence Fisher, and Ralph Smart. With Richard Greene, Bernadette O'Farrell and Patricia Driscoll. Sapphire Films, 1955-1958. (165 episodes)

The Adventures of Young Robin Hood. With Peter Demin. BBC, 1983.

Back to Sherwood. With Aimee Castle and Christopher B. MacCabe. CBC, 1999.

Blackadder Back and Forth. Dir. Paul Weiland.With Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robertson and Miranda Richardson. BBC, 1999. (One episode features Rik Mayall as Robin and Kate Moss as Marion.)

Ivanhoe. Dir. Stuart Orme. With Ronald Pickup and Aden Gillett. BBC-A&E, 1997. (6 episode miniseries)

The Legend of Robin Hood. Dir. Eric Davidson. With Martin Potter and Diane Keen. BBC, 1975. (6 episode miniseries)

The Legend of Robin Hood. Dir. Alan Handley. With David Watson, Douglas Faribanks, Jr., and Roddy McDowall. NBC, 1968.

Maid Marian and her Merry Men. Dir. David Bell. With Kate Lonergan and Wayne Morris. BBC, 1988-1989. (25 episodes)

The New Adventures of Robin Hood. Various directors. With Matthew Porretta, John Bradley, Anna Galvin and Barbara Griffin. Baltic Ventures International, 1997-1999.

Robin Hood. Dir. Joy Harington. With Patrick Troughton and Josée Richard. BBC, 1953. (6 episodes)

Robin Hood. Dir. Trevor Evans. With Rich Little. CBC, 1982.

Robin Hood no daibôken. Dir. Kôichi Mashimo. With Yumi Tôma. 1991. (Japan. 52 episodes) (Alternate Title: Robin Hood's Big Adventure)

Robin of Sherwood. Dir. Ian Sharp. With Michael Praed, Robert Addie and Nikolas Grace. HTV 1984-86. (26 episodes) (Alternate title: Robin Hood)

When Things Were Rotten. Dir. Jerry Paris and Marty Feldman. With Richard Gautier and Misty Rowe. ABC, 1975. (13 episodes. Written and produced by Mel Brooks.)