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MS Harley Volume 2253, Volume 2: Index of Proper Names

This index lists proper names found in the articles of MS Harley 2253. Each entry is listed by variant spellings (if any), article number, and line. Translated forms are indicated by italic font. Excluded from this list are terms for God (“Creatour,” “Crist,” “Dieu,” “Jesu,” “Salveour,” etc.), terms for Mary (“Marie,” Nostre Dame,” etc.), and titles (“Child,” “cuens,” “Bisshop,” “E(o)rl,” “Kyng,” “Seint(e),” etc.).

Aaron (Aaron): art. 38.44
Abakuc (Habakkuk): art. 38.13
Abel. See Johan Abel
Abraham, Habraham (Abraham): art. 18.56; art. 21; art. 38.114. See also Seint Habraham
Absolon (Absolon): art. 68.14
Acheldemac (Field of Blood): art. 38.73
Acres (Acre): art. 38.2, 155; art. 39. 1, 43; art. 48.71
Adam (Adam): art. 8.112; art. 21; art. 37.34; art. 38.112, 116; art. 59.6; art. 60.14
Age. See Elde
Alemaigne, Alemayne (Germany): art. 23.2, 9, 17, 25, 28
Alemayns [Acre] (Germans, [Church and Hospital of St. Mary of the]): art. 39.4
Allof (Allof): art. 70.4, 33, 73
Alysoun (Alysoun): art. 29.12, 24, 36, 48
Amour. See Dieu d’Amour; Love
André (Andrew): art. 38.8, 134. See also Seint André [Acre]; Seint Andre, Bisshop of
Anger. See Onde
Anglie (Anglia): art. 18.23, 31
Anglorum (Angles): art. 18.2, 3, 9
Anne (Anne): art. 38.146. See also Seint Anne [Acre]; Seint Anne [Jerusalem]
Annote, Anote (riddle) (Annot): art. 28.28, 29
Annunciacioun (Annunciation): art. 38.138
Antoyne. See Seint Antoyne [Acre]
April. See Averil
Aquarum. See Puteus Aquarum
Architelin (Architelin): art. 38.149
Arnoldyn (Arnoldin): art. 70.1463, 1513
Artois, Artoys (Artois): art. 48.51, 89
Asseles (Asceila): art. 25.218
Athelbrus (Athelbrus): art. 70
Athulf (Athulf): art. 70
Athyld (Athild): art. 70.767, 830
Ave Maria (Ave Maria): art. 8.309
Averil, Averyl (April): art. 29.1; art. 65.2
Aylmer(e), Eylmer, Aylmare (Aylmer): art. 70
Aymer de Valence. See Emer de Valence

Bait Nuba. See Betynoble
Baltazar (Balthazar): art. 38.107
Baptist. See Johan (the Baptist)
Bartholomeu. See Seint Bartholomeu [Acre]; Seint Bartholomeus Masse
Baruth (Beirut): art. 38.168
Basque (Sebaste): art. 38.123
Beautiful. See Speciouse
Bebie (Tiberias): art. 38.131
Beda (Bede): art. 18.2
Bedlehem, Bedleheem (Bethlehem): art. 38.102, 106; art. 50.15
Bedlehem [Acre] (Bethlehem, [Hospital of the Brothers and/or Sisters of]): art. 39.21
Beirut. See Baruth
Beryld (Berild): art. 70.768, 769, 777, 789, 797, 829
Bethanye (Bethany): art. 38.93
Bethlehem. See Bedlehem.
Bethphage (Bethphage): art. 38.89
Betynoble (Bait Nuba): art. 38.15
Bigot. See Hue de Bigot
Blood, Field of. See Acheldemac
Boc. See Bok(e)
Body (Body): art. 22
Bok(e), Boc (Book, Bible): art. 33.4. See also Byble; escripture
Boloyne (Bologne): art. 48.65
Book. See Bok(e)
Boylloun. See Godefroy de Boylloun
Boys. See Seint Johan de Boys
Bretons. See Seint Martin de Bretons [Acre]
Brigid. See Seinte Bryde [Acre]
Britanniam (Britain); art. 18.9
Brithfrid. See Brythfrid(us)
Bruce. See Robert the Bruyts
Bruges (Bruges): art. 48.11, 35, 95
Bruyts. See Robert the Bruyts
Bryde. See Seinte Bryde [Acre]
Brythfrid(us) (Brithfrid): art. 18.115
Byble (Bible) art. 37.147. See also Bok(e); escripture
Byrne (Byrne): art. 28.44

Caesarea. See Cesarie
Caiaphas. See Pretorie Cayphas
Caithness. See Catenas
Calvarie: art. 22.88. See also Mount Calvarie
Cana Galilee. See Cane Galylee
Cananee (Canaanite): art. 38.166
Candlemas Day. See Chandelour
Cane Galylee (Cana Galilee): art. 38.148
Canterbury. See Caunterbyr
Carme (Carmel): art. 38.3, 4
Carnarvan (Carnarvon). See Edward [II]
Caryout (Chariton): art. 38.36
Catenas (Caithness): art. 63.34
Caunterbyr (Canterbury): art. 24.41
Cave (Cave [of Adam]): art. 38.116
Cave (Cave [of Our Lady]): art. 38.8
Cave Galygant (Gallicant Cave): art. 38.70
Cave Seynt Elye (St. Elijah’s Cave): art. 38.3
Cayphas. See Pretorie Cayphas
Cesarie (Caesarea): art. 38.11
Champ Flory (Field of Flowers): art. 38.103
Chandelour (Candlemas Day): art. 38.40
Chapele (Chapel [of St. Habakkuk]): art. 38.13
Chapele (Chapel [of St. John the Baptist]): art. 38.59
Chapele Gryffoune (Griffin Chapel): art. 38.33
Chariton. See Caryout
Charles [IV] of Fraunce (Charles of France): art. 25.227
Chastiel Magdalon (Magdalen Castle) art. 38.136
Chastiel Pelryn (Pilgrims’ Castle): art. 38.6–7
Cheepe (Cheapside): art. 25.181
Chevalers. See Lazer de Chevalers [Acre]; Nostre Dame de Chevalers [Acre]
Christendom. See Cristendome
Christian(s). See Cristene
Christmas. See Cristesmasse; Noal
Church. See Seint Eglyse
Church, Holy. See seint Eglise
Church of St. Chariton. See Eglise Seint Caryout
Church of St. Nicholas. See Eglise Seint Nycholas
Church of St. Saffran. See
Eglise de Seint Soffroun
Church of the Holy Savior. See Eglise de Seint Salveour [Jerusalem]; Eglise de Seint Salveour [Sidon]
Cleophas (Cleophas): art. 38.16
Clerk (speaker) (Clerk): art. 64
Coloyne (Cologne): art. 48.70
Conyng, (Peter) (Coning, (Peter)): art. 48.19, 69, 90
Coquet. See Koket
Coveytise (Covetousness): art. 45.58
Cradoc (Cradoc): art. 28.47
Cristendome (Christendom): art. 47.16, 48
Cristene, Cristine (Christian(s)): art. 37.120, 141; art. 70.185, 188, 190, 840, 1329
Cristesmasse (Christmas): art. 67.32; art. 70.805. See also Noal
Crois. See Holy Crois; seinte Croyz
Croyland. See Cruland
Croyz. See Holy Crois; seinte Croyz; Seinte Croyz [Acre]
Cruland (Croyland): art. 18.106
Cynedrida. See Kynedryda

David, Davyd (David): art. 21.19, 197, 203
David’s Tower. See Tour David
Denys. See Seint Denys [Acre]
Despencer. See Hue le . . . Despencer
Deth (Death): art. 45.86; art. 47.3, 7
Devel (Devil): art. 21.7; art. 25a.43. See also Enymy; Fend; Fo; Lucifer; Sathan
Dieu d’Amour (God of Love): art. 55.2. See also Love
digmange (Sunday): art. 39.28. See also Sonneday
Domesday, Domesdai (Doomsday): art. 21.128, 148, 238; art. 22.50; art. 27.6; art. 61.26
Dominicans. See Frere Prechours
Donbar (Dunbar): art. 25.31
Doomsday. See Domesday
Double Cave. See Spelunca Dupplici
Dovere (Dover): art. 23.59
Dublin. See Dyvelyn
Dunbar. See Donbar
Dunprest (Dunprest): art. 33.margin
Dupplici. See Spelunca Dupplici
Dyvelyn (Dublin): art. 63.34

East Anglia. See Estanglia
Easter. See Ester; Pasche
Eastness. See Estnesse
Edward [I] (Edward): art. 23.57, 62; art. 24.29; art. 25.25, 41, 233 (longe shonkes); art. 37.345; art. 47
Edward [II] of Carnarvan (Edward of Carnarvon): art. 25.81; art. 47.73. See also Walis
Egipciene (Egyptian): art. 38.34
Eglan (Eglan): art. 18.24
Eglise. See seint Eglise
Eglise (Church [of St. Peter and St. John]): art. 38.128
Eglise de Seint Salveour [Gethsemane] (Church of the Holy Savior): art. 38.78–79
Eglise de Seint Salveour [Sidon] (Church of the Holy Savior): art. 38.165
Eglise de Seint Soffroun (Church of St. Saffran): art. 38.151
Eglise Seint Caryout (Church of St. Chariton): art. 38.36
Eglise Seint Nycholas (Church of St. Nicholas): art. 38.153
Eglyse (Church [of St. James]): art. 38.60
Egmund(us) (Egmund): art. 18.122
Egyptian. See Egipciene
Elde (Age): art. 68
Eleyne (Helena): art. 38.32
Elfrida. See Elphryda
Elijah. See Elye
Elphryda (Elfrida): art. 18.35, 74, 103
Elye (Elijah): art. 38.163. See also Cave Seynt Elye; Seinte Elye
Emaus (Emmaus): art. 38.16
Emer de Valence (Aymer de Valence): art. 25.82
Emmaus. See Emaus
England. See Engletere; Englond
Englesshe, Englysshe (English): art. 25.76; art. 38.89
Engletere (England): art. 24.12; art. 37.338; art. 38.172
Englond, Engelond(e) (England): art. 23.35; art. 25.75, 182, 226; art. 47.9, 21, 38, 74, 79
Envy. See Nithe
Enymy (Enemy): art. 56.143, 146. See also Devel; Fend; Fo; Lucifer; Sathan
Epyphany (Epiphany): art. 67.38
Ermenild, Ermenyld (Ermenild): art. 70.917, 1538
escripture, escriptour, escrit (Scripture): art. 37.119, 136; art. 59.9. See also Bok(e); Byble
Espyrit. See Seint Espyrit
Estanglia, Esstanglia, Estanglie (East Anglia): art. 18.2, 18, 56
Esté (Summer): art. 9. See also Somere, Kyng of
Ester: art. 67.44. See also Pasche
Estevene. See Stevene
Estnesse (Eastness): art. 70.954
Ethelbertus (Ethelbert): art. 18
Ethelredus (Ethelred): art. 18.4, 28, 88
Eufemie (Euphemia): art. 38.7
Evangelist. See Johan (le Ewangelie)
Eve (Eve): art. 8.112; art. 21; art. 59.10
Eve’s Sepulcher. See Sepulture Eve
Ewangelie (Evangelist). See Johan (le Ewangelie)
Eylmer. See Aylmer(e)

Falsshipe (Falsehood): art. 31.32
Fend (Fiend): art. 27.62; art. 32.13; art. 50.28; art. 63.20. See also Devel; Enymy; Fo; Lucifer; Sathan
Field of Blood. See Acheldemac
Field of Flowers. See Champ Flory
Fiend. See Fend
Fikenild. See Fykenyld
Flaundres (Flanders): art. 48.10, 81, 130, 131
Fleish, Fleyshe (Flesh): art. 22.97; art. 27.30
Flem(m)isshe, Flem(m)ysshe (Flemish): art. 48
Flesh. See Fleish
Floyres (Floyres): art. 28.46
Flum Jordan (River Jordan): art. 21.208; art. 38.99
Fo (Foe): art. 42.53. See also Devel; Enymy; Fend; Lucifer; Sathan
Fonteyne de Seint Gabriel (Well of St. Gabriel): art. 38.140
France. See Fraunc(e)
Franciscans. See Frere Menours
Fraser . See Symond Frysel
Fraunc(e) (France): art. 25.204; art. 38.171; art. 48
Fraunce, Kyng of (France, King of): art. 47.33; art. 48. See also Charles [IV] of Fraunce; Phelip [IV]
Frens(s)he, Freinsshe, Vrenshe, fraunceis (French): art. 9.97, 106; art. 48.2, 7, 78, 81, 131. See also romauns
Frere Menours [Acre] (Friars Minor, [House of the]): art. 39.39
Frere Prechours [Acre] (Preaching Friars, [Church of the]): art. 39.24
Freres de Sack [Acre] (Friars of the Sack, [House of the]): art. 39.26
Frisel, Frysel. See Symond Frysel
Fykeles (Fikenild’s): art. 70.1256
Fykenyld, Fikenild (Fikenild): art. 70

Gabbe (Gossip): art. 45.57, 73
Gabriel (Gabriel): art. 67.26. See also Fonteyne de Seint Gabriel
Gallicant Cave. See Cave Galygant
Galylee . See Mer de Galylee
Gaste . See Gost
Gate. See Jerusalem; Parays; Porte; Porte Orryene; Speciouse
Gatekeeper. See Ianitor
George (George): art. 38.14. See also Seint George [Acre]
Germans. See Alemayns
Germany . See Alemaigne
Gethsemane. See Jessemany
Giles. See Gyle
Gilote (Gilote): art. 37
Girl (Girl) (speaker): art. 64
Giwz . See Gyw(s)
Glascou (Glasgow): art. 25.49
Glotonie (Gluttony): art. 45.53
Gloucestre (Gloucester): art. 24.66
Gluttony. See Glotonie
Godefroy de Boylloun (Godfrey of Bouillon): art. 38.28
Godild, Godyld, Godylt (Godild): art. 70.7, 72, 75, 152, 1370
Godmod (Godmod): art. 70
Golden Gate. See Porte Orryene
Golgatha (Golgotha): art. 38.26
Gossip. See Gabbe
Gost, Gaste (Soul): art. 22
Griffin Chapel. See Chapele Gryffoune
Guile. See Gyle
Gwynbertus (Gwinbert): art. 18.86, 99, 100
Gyle (Giles): art. 70.1179. See also Seint Gyle [Acre]
Gyle (Guile): art. 45.57
Gyw(s), Giwz (Jew(s)): art. 38.9, 142, 169, 170; art. 59.108; art.

Habakkuk. See Abakuc
Habraham. See Abraham
Hebreus (Hebrew): art. 38.91
Helena. See Eleyne
Henri (Henry [de Montfort]): art. 24.61
Henry [III] (Henry): art. 37.346
Herbert of Morham (Herbert of Morham): art. 25.129
Hereford. See Wye
Hermon. See Mount Hermon
Hilde (Hilde): art. 28.48
Hobbe, Kyng (Hob, King): art. 25.73
Holy Church. See seint Eglise
Holy Crois (Holy Cross): art. 47.63. See also seinte Croyz
Holy Londe (Holy Land): art. 47.36, 39. See also Seinte Terre
Holy Savior. See Eglise de Seint Salveor
Holy Sepulcher. See Seint Sepulc(h)re; Sepulcre
Holy Spirit. See Seint Espyrit
Horn (Horn): art. 70
Hospital Seint Johan [Jerusalem] (Hospital of St. John [the Baptist]): art. 38.35
Hospital Seint Johan [Acre] (Hospital of St. John [the Baptist, Church of]): art. 39.27
Hue de Bigot (Hugh of Bigot): art. 23.50
Hue le . . . Despencer (Hugh [the] Despenser): art. 24.55–56

Ianitor (Gatekeeper): art. 21.141
India. See Ynde
Innocens (Innocents): art. 38.109
Ireland. See Yrlaund
Irish. See Yrisshe
Irishmen. See Yrisshemenne
Irlond. See Yrlaund
Isaac. See Ysaac
Isaiah. See Ysaye
Iunius (June): art. 18.113

Jacob (Jacob): art. 38.41, 114. See also Puytz Jacob
Jacob’s Well. See Puytz Jacob
Jacques. See Jakes
Jaffa. See Japhet
Jake. See Jame
Jakes (de Seint Poul) (Jacques (de St. Pol)): art. 48.33, 45, 61
Jame (James): art. 38.61, 152; art. 48.126. See also Peroun Seint Jake
Japhet (Jaffa): art. 38.12
Jaspar (Jaspar): art. 38.107
Jehoshaphat. See Josaphat [Acre]; Val de Josaphat
Jerico (Jericho): art. 38.98
Jerusalem (Jerusalem): art. 38; art. 47.65
Jerusalem (Jerusalem) (gate): art. 38.48
Jessemany (Gethsemane): art. 38.77
Jew(s). See Gyw(s)
Joachyn (Joachim): art. 49.39
Johan (le Ewangelie) (John (the Evangelist)): art. 32.96, 178; art. 38.45 (le Ewangelie), 46, 90, 129, 151; art. 56.161; art. 62.38
Johan (the Baptist, le Baptistre) (John (the Baptist)): art. 21.21, 207, 219; art. 38.5, 59–60 (bouche orriene), 99, 119, 123
Johan Abel (John Abel): art. 25.149
Johan de Boys . See Seint Johan de Boys
Johan de Tyr . See Seint Johan de Tyr
Johan Jose (John Jose): art. 25.108
Johan of Lyndeseye (John of Lindesay): art. 25.99
Johane (Johane): art. 37
John. See Johan, Johon
John of the Woods. See Seint Johan de Boys
John of Tyre. See Seint Johan de Tyr
Johon, Jon (lyric speaker) (John): art. 28.30, 50
Joie . See Mont Joie
Jonas (Jonas): art. 28.50
Jordan . See Flum Jordan
Josaphat . See Val de Josaphat
Josaphat [Acre] (Jehoshaphat, [Abbey Church of St. Mary of the Valley of]): art. 39.16
Jose. See Johan Jose
Joy. See Mont Joie
Judas (Judas): art. 22.96; art. 69.17
June. See Iunius.

Katerine [Acre] (Katherine [of the Battlefield, Hospital of St.]): art. 39.31
Kirkencliff. See Kyrkenclyf
Koket (Coquet): art. 38.155
Kynedryda (Cynedrida): art. 18.36, 73
Kyng . See specific name
Kyng of Fraunce . See Fraunce, Kyng of
Kyrkenclyf (Kirkencliff): art. 25.91

Latyne [Acre] (Latin, [Abbey Church of St. Mary]): art. 39.17
Latyne [Jerusalem] (Latin, [Abbey Church of St. Mary]): art. 38.36
Laurence. See Seint Lorenz [Acre]
Lawe (Law): art. 31.23. See also Olde Lawe
Lazer (Lazarus): art. 38.93. See also Lazer de Chevelers [Acre]; Seint Lazer de Bethayne [Acre]
Lazer de Chevalers [Acre] (Lazarus of the Knights, [Church and Hospital of St.]): art. 39.35
Lecherie (Lechery): art. 45.56
Leicester. See Leycestre
Lentre, Lenten (Lent): art. 20.111; art. 43.1
Leofruna (Leofruna): art. 18.4, 37
Leonard . See Seint Leonard [Acre]
Leycestre (Leicester): art. 44.30
Leycestre, cuens de (Leicester, Earl of): art. 24.63. See also Simond de Mountfort
Liar. See Lyare
Lincoln. See Lyncolne
Lindsey. See Johan of Lyndeseye; Lyndeseye
Littlecloth. See Poydras
Londe . See Holy Londe
Londone, Loundres (London): art. 9.161; art. 25.114. See also Londone Brugge; Tour (of Londone)
Londone Brugge (London Bridge): art. 25.10, 188, 195
Lone (Lune): art. 28.33
Lorenz . See Seint Lorenz [Acre]
Lounde (Lounde): art. 44.30; art. 65.17
Loundres . See Londone
Love (Love): art. 46.73, 85, 97. See also Dieu d’Amour
Lucifer (Lucifer): art. 9.230, 238; art. 59.45. See also Devel; Enymy; Fend; Fo; Sathan
Lugge (Lugg): art. 18.101
Lune. See Lone
Lyare (Liar): art. 45.61
Lyncolne (Lincoln): art. 65.17
Lyndeseye (Lindsey): art. 65.17. See also Johan of Lyndeseye
Lyne (Lynn): art. 28.33

Magdalen. See Magdaleyne
Magdalen Castle. See Chastiel Magdalon
Magdalenes. See Repentires
Magdaleyne (Magdalen): art. 37.125; art. 38.95, 136. See also Magdaleyne [Acre]
Magdaleyne [Acre] (Magdalen, [Abbey Church of St. Mary]): art. 39.30
Magge (Maggie): art. 40.57
Maid (Maid) (speaker): art. 35.13, 29, 45
Malle (Moll): art. 40.57
Man (Man) (speaker): art. 35.9, 21, 41
Marc . See Seint Marc de Venyse [Acre]
March. See Mersh
Marcille, evesque de (Marseilles, bishop of): art. 38.94
Maries, treis (Marys, three): art. 38.31, 36
Marin; Marina. See Maryn; Maryne
Mark . See Seint Marc de Venyse [Acre]
Marreis . See Nostre Dame de Marreis
Martin . See Seint Martin de Bretons [Acre]
[Mary] Magdaleyne. See Magdaleyne; Magdaleyne [Acre]
Maryn (Marin): art. 32
Maryne, Marine (Marina): art. 32
Marys, three. See Maries, treis
Matheu (Matthew): art. 41.1, 55
Maximon, Maxumon (Maximian): art. 68.5, 161
May, may (May, Maytime): art. 8.156; art. 25.42; art. 37.1; art. 44.1. See also art. 18.113
Maymont (Mayhill): art. 9.156
Melchyor (Melchior): art. 38.103
Menours . See Frere Menours [Acre]
Mer de Galylee (Sea of Galilee): art. 38.131
Mercie, Merciam (Mercia): art. 18.32, 42, 56
Mercenses, Merciorum, Mercensibus (Mercians): art. 18.33, 34, 38, 39, 59
Merle (Tantura): art. 38.7
Mersh (March): art. 29.1
Michel (Michael). See Seint Michel [Acre]
Mody (of Reynis), (Mody (of Reynes)): art. 70.959, 1028, 1527
Moll. See Malle
Mont Joie (Mount Joy): art. 38.18
Mont Synay (Mount Sinai): art. 38.174. See also Synay
Montfort . See Simond de Mountfort
Morham . See Herbert of Morham
Moses. See Moyses
Mount Calvarie (Mount Calvary): art. 38.25. See also Calvarie
Mount (de) Olyvete (Mount of Olives): art. 38.74, 80
Mount Hermon (Mount Hermon): art. 38.125
Mount Joy. See Mont Joie
Mount Sinai. See Mont Synay
Mount Syon (Mount Zion): art. 38.61, 64
Mount Tabour (Mount Tabor): art. 38.128
Mount Zion. See Mount Syon
Mountfort . See Simond de Mountfort
Moyses (Moses): art. 21.23, 223, 225, 231; art. 38.44
Murry, Mury (Murry): art. 70.873, 1345

Nablus (Naples): art. 38.121
Names (Names): art. 38.126
Naples. See Nablus
Natorye Syloe (Pool of Siloam): art. 38.71
Nazarez, Nazaroun (Nazareth): art. 38.137, 146; art. 69.44
Nel . See Rauf de Nel
Newegate (Newgate): art. 25.115
Nicholas, Nycholas . See Eglise Seint Nycholas; Seint Nicholas [Acre]
Nithe (Envy): art. 45.59
Noal (Christmas): art. 20.65. See also Cristesmasse
Norhamptoun (Northampton): art. 65.17
Nostre Dame (cave). See Cave
Nostre Dame de Chevalers [Acre] (St. Mary of the Knights, [Church of]): art. 39.11
Nostre Dame de Marreis (Our Lady of the Marshes): art. 38.10
Nostre Dame de Sur [Acre] (St. Mary of Tyre, [Abbey Church of the the Sisters of]): art. 39.12
Nycholas . See Nicholas

Offa (Offa): art. 18
Olde Lawe (Old Law): art. 21.232
Olyvete . See Mount (de) Olyvete
Omer (Omer): art. 48.126
Onde (Anger): art. 45.59
Orryene . See Porte Orryene
Oswaldus (Oswald): art. 18.31, 66
Our Lady of the Marshes. See Nostre Dame de Marreis
Oure Levedy Even (Our Lady’s Eve): art. 25.145

Paleis de malades [Acre] (Palace of the Sick): art. 39.27–28
Palmes, jour de (Palm Sunday): art. 38.90
Parays (Paradise) (gate): art. 38.49
Paris (Paris): art. 48.52; art. 55.18
Pasche, Pashe (Easter): art. 20.136; art. 38.31, 87. See also Ester
Pater Nostre (Paternoster): art. 38.86
Pees (Peace): art. 46.80
Penitents. See Repentires
Pentecoste (Pentecote): art. 38.69
Pere, Piere (Peter): art. 38.46, 47, 70, 129, 134. See also Seint Pere de Pyse [Acre]
Peroun Seint Jake (St. James’s Rock): art. 38.12
Peter. See Pere
Peter Conyng . See Conyng
Petresbourh (Peterborough): art. 63.11
Peyters (Poitiers): art. 47.57
Phelip (Philip): art. 38.90
Phelip [IV] (Philip): art. 48.57. See also Fraunce, Kyng of
Piere . See Pere
Pilat (Pilate): art. 69.41
Pilgrims’ Castle. See Chastiel Pelryn
Pisans. See Seint Pere de Pyse [Acre]
Piscina . See Probatica Piscina
Poitiers. See Peyters
Pontefract. See Pount-Freint
Pool of Siloam. See Natorye Syloe
Porte (Gate [of St. Stephen]): art. 38.21
Porte Orryene (Golden Gate): art. 38.52
Poul . See Jakes (de Seint Poul)
Pount-Freint (Pontefract): art. 37.340
Poverty. See Wondred
Poydras (Littlecloth): art. 9.156
Prechours . See Frere Prechours [Acre]
Pretorie Cayphas (Praetorium of Caiaphas): art. 38.68
Pride. See Prude
Prince of Walis . See Walis
Probatica Piscina (Sheep Pool): art. 38.55
Prude (Pride): art. 45.55
Put (Well): art. 38.108
Puteus Aquarum (Well of Waters): art. 38.162
Puytz Jacob (Jacob’s Well): art. 38.121
Pyse (Pisans). See Seint Pere de Pyse [Acre]

Quaranteyne (Quarantena, [Priory of]): art. 38.96

Rachel . See Seint Rachel
Ralph. See Rauf
Rames (Ramath): art. 38.14
Rauf de Nel (Rauf de Nel): art. 48.65
Rauf of Sondwyche (Ralph of Sandwich): art. 25.148
Redwald(us) (Redwald): art. 18.2
Regnas (Regnas): art. 28.42
Repentires [Acre] (Penitents, [House of] the): art. 39.40
Reynis . See Mody (of Reynis)
Ribblesdale. See Rybbesdale
Richard (poet) (Richard): art. 33.60, 61
Richard (Richard [of Cornwall]): art. 23
Rimenild. See Rymenild
River Jordan . See Flum Jordan
Robert the Bruyts (Robert the Bruce): art. 25.58, 217
romauns (French): art. 26.5. See also Frens(s)he
Romaunt . See Seint Romaunt [Acre]
Rome (Rome): art. 34.47; art. 38.171; art. 48.117; art. 68.154
Rybbesdale (Ribblesdale): art. 34.1
Rymenild, Rymenyld, Rymynyld, Rymenil (Rimenild): art. 70

Sack . See Freres de Sack [Acre]
Saffran. See Soffroun
Saffuriya. See Zaphory
Saint. See specific name
Salomon . See Temple Salomon
Samaritane (Samaritan): art. 38.122
Samuel (Samuel): art. 38.18. See also Seint Samuel [Acre]
Sarazyn(e)(s) (Saracens): art. 70.42, 66, 605, 630, 1331, 1387
Sardayné (Sardenay): art. 38.174
Sarepta. See Serphent
Sathan, Sathanas (Satan): art. 21; art. 22.91. See also Devel; Enymy; Fend; Fo; Lucifer
Saxony. See Sesoyne
Scon (Scone): art. 25.51
Scot, Scottes (Scotsman, Scotsmen): art. 25.9, 44
Scotlond(e) (Scotland): art. 25.2, 17, 46, 86, 112, 146, 203, 206, 225
Scottyshe (Scottish): art. 211
Scripture. See escripture.
Sea of Galilee. See Mer de Galylee
Sebaste . See Basque
Seete (Sidon): art. 38.165
Seint . See specific name
Seint André [Acre] (St. Andrew, [Church of]): art. 39.22
Seint Andre, Bisshop of (St. Andrew, Bishop of): art. 25.49
Seint Anne [Acre] (St. Anne, [Abbey Church of]): art. 39.19
Seint Anne [Jerusalem] (St. Anne): art. 38.75
Seint Antoyne [Acre] (St. Anthony, [Church and Hospital of]): art. 39.38
Seint Bartholomeu [Acre] (St. Bartholomew [of Beirut, Leper Hospital of]): art. 39.37
Seint Bartholomeus Masse (St. Bartholomew’s Mass): art. 25.105
Seint Caryout . See Eglise Seint Caryout
Seint Denys [Acre] (St. Denis, [Church and Hospital of]): art. 39.41
seint Eglise (Holy Church): art. 24.45; art. 37.289, 290, 346; art. 38.49–50
Seint Espyrit [Acre] (Holy Spirit, [Hospital of the]): art. 39.20
Seint Estevene [Acre] (St. Stephen, [Church and Hospital of]): art. 39.7
Seint Gabriel . See Fonteyne de Seint Gabriel
Seint George [Acre] (St. George [of Lydda, Church of]): art. 39.42
Seint Gyle [Acre] (St. Giles, [Church and Hospital of]): art. 39.29
Seint Habraham (St. Abraham, [Cathedral Church of]): art. 38.112
Seint Jake. See Peroun Seint Jake
Seint Johan de Boys (St. John of the Woods, [Church of]): art. 38.119
Seint Johan de Tyr (St. John of Tyre, [Church of]): art. 38.4
Seint Lazer de Bethayne [Acre] (St. Lazarus of Bethany, [Church and Monastery of]): art. 39.9
Seint Leonard [Acre] (St. Leonard, [Abbey Church of]): art. 39.5
Seint Lorenz [Acre] (St. Laurence [of the Genoese, Parish Church of]): art. 39.15
Seint Marc de Venyse [Acre] (St. Mark of the Venetians, [Parish Church of]): art. 39.14
Seint Martin de Bretons [Acre] (St. Martin of the Bretons, [Hospital of]): art. 39.34
Seint Michel [Acre] (St. Michael, [Parish Church of]): art. 39.25
Seint Nicholas [Acre] (St. Nicholas, [Cemetery Chapel of]): art. 39.3
Seint Nycholas . See Eglise Seint Nycholas
Seint Pere de Pyse [Acre] (St. Peter of the Pisans, [Church of]): art. 39.18
Seint Poul . See Jakes (de Seint Poul)
Seint Rachel (St. Rachel, [Tomb of]): art. 38.105
Seint Romaunt [Acre] (St. Romanus [in the Gardens, Church of]): art. 39.6
Seint Salveor. See Eglise de Seint Salveour
Seint Samuel [Acre] (St. Samuel, [Abbey Church of]): art. 39.8
Seint Sepulc(h)re [Jerusalem] (Holy Sepulcher): art. 38.22, 23, 35
Seint Soffroun . See Eglise de Seint Soffroun
Seint Thomas [Acre] (St. Thomas [the Martyr, Church and Hospital of]): art. 39.36
Seinte Bryde [Acre] (St. Brigid, [Church and Hospital of]): art. 39.33
seinte Croyz, seinte Croiz (Holy Cross): art. 38.32, 118. See also Holy Crois
Seinte Croyz [Acre] (Holy Cross, [Cathedral Church of the]): art. 39.13
Seinte Elye, Seynt Elye (St. Elijah, [Monastery of]): art. 38.2, 102
Seinte Terre (Holy Land): art. 38.1. See also Holy Londe
septembre (September): art. 37.344
Sepulcher. See Seint Sepulc(h)re; Sepulcre; Sepulture Eve
Sepulcre [Acre] (Sepulcher, [Church of the Holy]): art. 39.10
Sepulture Eve (Eve’s Sepulcher): art. 38.114
Serewe, Sorewyng (Sorrow, Sorrowing): art. 46.78, 89
Serphent (Sarepta): art. 38.163
Sesoyne (Saxony): art. 48.71
Sheep Pool. See Probatica Piscina
Sidon. See Seete
Sighing. See Sykyng
Siloam. See Natorye Syloe
Simeon. See Symeon
Simon. See Symond
Simon Fraser. See Symond Frysel
Simond de Mountfort (Simon de Montfort): art. 23.41; art. 24
Sinai. See Synay; Mont Synay
Sindritha (Sindritha): art. 18.25
Slep (Sleep): art. 45.62
Sleuthe (Sloth): art. 45.62
Soffroun (Saffran): art. 38.151
Solomon’s Temple. See Temple Salomon
Somere, Kyng of (Summer, King of): art. 25.66. See also Esté
Sondwyche . See Rauf of Sondwyche
Sonneday (Sunday): art. 70.958, 976. See also digmange
Sorrow, Sorrowing. See Serewe
Soul. See Gost
Speciouse (Beautiful) (gate): art. 38.51
Spelunca Dupplici (Double Cave): art. 38.113
St. Abraham. See Seint Habraham
St. Andrew. See Seint André [Acre]; Seint Andre, Bisshop of
St. Anne. See Seint Anne [Acre]; Seint Anne [Jerusalem]
St. Anthony. See Seint Antoyne [Acre]
St. Bartholomew. See Seint Bartholomeu [Acre]
St. Bartholomew’s Mass. See Seint Bartholomeus Masse
St. Brigid. See Seinte Bryde [Acre]
St. Chariton. See Eglise Seint Caryout
St. Denis. See Seint Denys [Acre]
St. Elijah. See Seinte Elye
St. Elijah’s Cave. See Cave Seynt Elye
St. Gabriel. See Fonteyne de Seint Gabriel
St. George. See Seint George [Acre]
St. Giles. See Seint Gyle [Acre]
St. James’s Rock. See Peroun Seint Jake
St. John of the Woods. See Seint Johan de Boys
St. John of Tyre. See Seint Johan de Tyr
[St.] Katherine [of the Battlefield]. See Katerine
St. Laurence. See Seint Lorenz [Acre]
St. Lazarus of Bethany. See Seint Lazer de Bethayne [Acre]
[St.] Lazarus of the Knights. See Lazer de Chevalers
St. Leonard. See Seint Leonard [Acre]
St. Mark of the Venetians. See Seint Marc de Venyse [Acre]
St. Martin of the Bretons. See Seint Martin de Bretons [Acre]
[St. Mary] Latin. See Latyne [Acre]; Latyne [Jerusalem]
[St. Mary] Magdaleyne. See Magdaleyne [Acre]
[St. Mary of the] Germans. See Alemayns [Acre]
St. Mary of the Knights. See Nostre Dame de Chevalers
St. Mary of Tyre. See Nostre Dame de Sur
St. Michael. See Seint Michel [Acre]
St. Nicholas. See Eglise Seint Nycholas; Seint Nicholas [Acre]
St. Peter of the Pisans. See Seint Pere de Pyse [Acre]
St. Pol. See Jakes (de Seint Poul)
St. Rachel. See Seint Rachel
St. Romanus. See Seint Romaunt [Acre]
St. Saffran. See Eglise de Seint Soffroun
St. Samuel. See Seint Samuel [Acre]
St. Stephen. See Seint Estevene [Acre]
St. Thomas. See Seint Thomas [Acre]
Stevene, Estevene (Stephen): art. 38.21; art. 70.667. See also Seint Estevene [Acre]
Stirling. See Strivelyn
Stoure (Stour): art. 70.687, 1455
Stratum (Street): art. 18.117
Strivelyn (Stirling): art. 25.93
Sudenne (Sudenne): art. 70
Summer. See Esté
Sunday. See digmange; Sonneday
Sur (Tyre): art. 38.158, 163. See also Nostre Dame de Sur [Acre]; Seint Johan de Tyr
Sweyn (Swain): art. 9.156
Sykyng (Sighing): art. 46.78, 86
Syloe . See Natorye Syloe
Symeon (Simeon): art. 38.40; art. 60.12
Symond (Simon): art. 38.94
Symond Frysel, Frisel (Simon Fraser): art. 25
Synay (Sinai): art. 21.224
Syon . See Mount Syon

Tabour . See Mount Tabour
Tantura. See Merle
Tegeu (Tegeu): art. 28.43
Temple [Acre] (Templars, [Church and Castle of the]): art. 39.23
Temple Salomon (Solomon’s Temple): art. 38.57
Templum Domini (Templum Domini): art. 38.38
Terre. See Seinte Terre
Thoht (Thought): art. 46.78, 87
Thomas (Thomas): art. 24.44; art. 38.65; art. 54.8, 19, 34. See also Caunterbyr; Seint Thomas [Acre]
Thomas de Boys (Thomas de Bois): art. 25.139
Thomas of Multoun (Thomas of Multon): art. 25.107, 147
Thought. See Thoht
Three Kings. See Trois (Treis) Rois
Three Marys. See Maries, treis
Thurston (Thurston): art. 70.827, 991
Tiberias. See Bebie
Tour (of Londone) (Tower (of London)): art. 25.144, 178
Tour David (David’s Tower): art. 38.59
Tower. See Tour
Trinité [Acre] (Trinity [and Captive, House of the Holy]): art. 39.32
Trois (Treis) Rois (Three Kings): art. 38.106, 108-09
Tu autem (Tu autem): art. 26.111
See Seint Johan de Tyr; Nostre Dame de Sur; Sur

Uxor (speaker) (Wife): art. 37.210, 224, 250, 270
Uxores (speakers) (Wives): art. 37.327

Val de Josaphat (Valley of Jehoshaphat): art. 38.62–63, 74. See also Josaphat [Acre]
Valence . See Emer de Valence
Venyse (Venetians). See Seint Marc de Venyse [Acre]

Waleis (Wallace): art. 25.18, 202
Wales. See Walis
Walingford (Wallingford): art. 23.11
Walis, Prince of (Wales, Prince of): art. 48.133. See also Edward [II]
Wallace. See Waleis
Wallingford. See Walingford
Waryn(ne) (Warenne): art. 23.34, 42
Waye . See Wye
Wednesday (Wednesday): art. 48.4
Wee (Woe): art. 31.71
Well. See Put
Well of St. Gabriel. See Fonteyne de Seint Gabriel
Well of Waters. See Puteus Aquarum
Westnesse (Westness): art. 70.165, 176, 929, 1022, 1188, 1215, 1515
Weye . See Wye
Wife. See Uxor
Wil (Will): art. 31.23, 31
Winchester. See Wyncestre
Windsor. See Wyndesore
Winter. See Yver
Wirral. See Wyrhale
Wives. See Uxores
Woe. See Wee
Wondred (Poverty): art. 31.31, 71
Worlde (World): art. 27.49
Wye, Waye (Wye): art. 18.117; art. 28.27
Wylcadoun (Wylcadoun): art. 28.45
Wyncestre (Winchester): art. 37.203, 343
Wyndesore (Windsor): art. 23
Wyrhale (Wirral): art. 28.27
Wyrwein (Wyrwein): art. 28.43

Ynde (India): art. 44.12
Yrisshe (Irish): art. 70.1290, 1298
Yrisshemenne (Irishmen): art. 70.1376
Yrlaund, Yrlonde, Irlond (Ireland): art. 37.338; art. 44.12; art. 70.1535
Ysaac (Isaac): art. 38.114
Ysaye (Isaiah): art. 38.72
Yver (Winter): art. 9

Zacarie (Zachary): art. 38.42
Zaphory (Saffuriya): art. 38.146
Zabulon (Zebulon): art. 8.265
Zion. See Mount Syon

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