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Excerpt from "Mount Badon"

Lines 1-9 (of 69)
   The king's poet was his captain of horse in the wars.
   He rode over the ridge; his force
   sat hidden behind, as the king's mind had bidden.
   The plain below held the Dragon in the centre,
   Lancelot on the left, on the right Gawaine,
   Bors in the rear commanding the small reserve:
   the sea's indiscriminate host roared at the City's wall.
   As with his household few Taliessin rode over the ridge
   the trumpets blew, the lines engaged.

Lines 65-69
   The tor of Badon heard the analytical word;
   the grand art mastered the thudding hammer of Thor,
   and the heart of our lord Taliessin determined the war.

   The lord Taliessin kneeled to the king;
   and candles of new Camelot shone through the fought field.
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