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King Arthur's Little Knights

            Many, many years ago,
            Books and poets tell us so,
            In this land there ruled a king,
            And his praises still we sing.
King Arthur was his name, and his knights were true;
They swore to serve the king and his will to do.

            It was such a wondrous sight,
            When King Arthur made a knight,
            As the lord on bended knee
            Promised a true knight to be.
As gentlemen they tried to act, in thought and deed;
They lived to help the weak or a friend in need.

            All oppressed King Arthur sought,
            Ladies too their troubles brought;
            Then the knights were sent in haste,
            Every one in steel encased.
They rode on prancing steeds, and their armour bright
Glistened as they passed in the bright sunlight.

            Each of us may be a knight,
            Though the foe we have to fight
            Does not ride a prancing horse,
            Has not to be slain by force.
We try to change and conquer every evil thought;
A harder, longer fight than the old knights fought.

            All the birds, the fish, the flies,
            Every animal that tries
            To escape a cruel blow
            Needs protection. We may show
That knights are living still, and these knights are true;
And though we are quite young, noble work we do.

Additional Information:
From "Three Recitations for Infants" by Sissie Turley.