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Sources for the Study of the Arthurian Legends


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(NOTE: An earlier Arthurian newsletter—Quondam et Futurus—was combined with the journal Arthurian Interpretations to become Quondam et Futurus: A Journal of Arthurian Interpretations. Arthuriana has replaced these earlier publications and is now the official journal of the North American Branch of the International Arthurian Society.)


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NOTE: Important names can also be found in the New Arthurian Encyclopedia and in the "Arthurian Glossary" section of the Arthurian Handbook.


Online Bibliographies of Arthurian Literature

The Arthuriana / Camelot Project Bibliographies

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Modern Arthurian Literature:


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See the Bibliography in Raymond Thompson's book in the "Overviews" section below.


See the "Checklist of Printed Arthurian Drama" in Arthurian Drama: An Anthology, listed in the "Anthology" section below.

All Genres:

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