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God's Graal

     The ark of the Lord of Hosts
Whose name is called by the name of Him
Who dwelleth between the Cherubim.

O Thou that in no house dost dwell,
But walk'st in tent and tabernacle.

For God of all strokes will have one
In every battle that is done.

Lancelot lay beside the well:
     (God's Graal is good)
Oh my soul is sad to tell
The weary quest and the bitter quell;
For he was the lord of lordlihood
And sleep on his eyelids fell.

Lancelot lay before the shrine;
     (The apple tree's in the wood)
There was set Christ's very sign,
The bread unknown and the unknown wine
That the soul's life for a livelihood
     Craves from his wheat and vine.
Additional Information:
This is the only surviving portion of a long narrative poem begun in 1858 and abandoned by 1870.