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The Two Fools (Dagonet's Song)


The Two Fools (Dagonet's Song)

by: Ernest Rhys (Author)

" . . Then he ran thither and gat Sir Dagonet by the head, and gave him such a fall to the earth
that he bruised him sore, so that he lay still. . ." —Morte Darthur ix. xix.
That fool and I fool
         Met together:
He wrast off my sword,
         He brast my belt leather.

My bauble he broke,
         He nigh had my head off,
And left me for dead,
         As his mad way he led off.

That fool and I fool!
         Wellnigh he had slain me;
Struck dumb my five bells;
         With foul earth did stain me.

What folly was his?
         Love's melancholy?
But mine is of heav'n,—
         Heaven-sent folly!

His folly is love's,
         But mine is of heaven!
For one folly he has,
         I have seven.

St Bridget send sun,
         St Bran send the weather,
When that fool and I fool
         Come next together.