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Elaine and Elaine

Dead, she drifted to his feet.
Tell us, Love, is Death so sweet?
Oh!  the river floweth deep.
Fathoms deeper is her sleep.
Oh!  the current driveth strong.
Wilder tides drive souls along.
Drifting, though he loved her not,
To the heart of Launcelot,
Let her pass; it is her place.
Death hath given her this grace.
Let her pass; she resteth well.
What her dreams are, who can tell?
Mute the steersman; why, if he
Speaketh not a word, should we?
Dead, she drifteth to his feet.
Close, her eyes keep secrets sweet.
Living, he had loved her well.
High as Heaven and deep as Hell.
Yet that voyage she stayeth not.
Wait you for her, Launcelot?
Oh!  the river floweth fast.
Who is justified at last?
Locked her lips are.  Hush!  If she
Sayeth nothing, how should we?