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Merlin's Prophecy: Humbly Inscrib'd to his R.H. the Prince of Wales

ROYAL FREDERICK! Britain's Pride!
Prince, for future Safety giv'n;
   For Thee 's decree'd a Virtuous Bride,
Choicest Gift of bounteous Heav'n.
   To reward thy filial Duty,
To perpetuate Brunswick's Race,
   Wit, and Learning, Youth, and Beauty,
Heav'n prepares for thy Embrace.

   No blust'ring Storms, affright the Fair,
No raging Billows, dare to rise;
   Safe by Heav'n's, and George's Care,
May She bless our longing Eyes!
   Neptune, sooth old Father Ocean,
Mild Favonius, waft thy Gales;
   May One repell each theat'ning Motion,
For Albion, t' other swell the Sails!

   Behold! She comes, enrich'd with Charms,
Indulgent to thy plighted Love!
   Receive the Blessing to thy Arms,
And Hymen's hallow'd Rites approve.
   Illustrious Pair! wou'd You in Story,
Thro' succeeding Ages shine?
   Wou'd You tread the Paths to Glory?
Follow George, and Caroline.

   And lo! I see a glorious Race,
Successive rising to Renown!
   Decree'd Britannia's Throne to grace;
And give new Lustre to a Crown.
   Ordain'd, to wield the Sceptre Royal,
With righteous Pow'r, and gentle Sway;
   And rule o'er Britons, Brave, and Loyal,
'Till Heavn, and Earth, shall melt away.
Additional Information:
Melissa is the pseudonym of Jane Brereton.