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The Crusades Project: Mission Statement

For the Defence of Christ, illustrated by Gustave Doré for Michaud's History of the Crusades

The last twenty years have witnessed an exponential rise in interest in the crusades and their influences on Western and Eastern cultures. One recently emerging area of interest is the profound influence the crusades have had on European and Middle-Eastern literature. This bibliography (a partner site to the Camelot Project) will provide annotations of narratives that take their influence and inspiration from the historical crusades. The project is currently focused on English and American literature, but our long-term goal is to provide substantial annotated bibliographies and essay-based entries for other European (and eventually Middle-Eastern and Asian) countries as well.

Our hope, in producing such a resource, is to encourage further research and discussion of the Crusades and their effect on literature at all educational levels.

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The Crusades Project, The University of Rochester (
The Project is prepared and published in the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, a special medieval collection in the University of Rochester's Rush Rhees Library. The Project is overseen by Alan Lupack, and questions and comments may be directed to him at


List of Contributors

Leila K. Norako, University of Rochester

Kristi J. Castleberry, University of Rochester

  • Early-Modern British Literature

Megan Morris, University of Rochester

Nota bene: We are in the process of locating an expert who will contribute a section devoted to crusades literature from the long 18th-century.