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In the Forest

One well might deem, among these miles of woods,
     Such were the Forests of the Holy Grail,  
     Brocéliand and Dean: where, clothed in mail,
The Knights of Arthur rode, and all the broods
Of legend laired.   And, where no sound intrudes
     Upon the ear, except the glimmering wail
     Of some far bird; or, in some flowerly swale,
A brook that murmurs to the solitudes,
Might think he hears the laugh of Vivien
     Blent with the moan of Merlin, muttering bound
     By his own magic to one stony spot:
And, in the cloud that looms above the glen,  
     In which the sun burns like the Table Round,  
     Might dream he sees the towers of Camelot.