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Road to Canterbury, The


The Road to Canterbury

Publisher Location: Middlesex
Publisher Name: Kestrel Books
Publication Date: 1979
Additional Information:
Lawrence designed woodcut head and tail pieces for each tale, ranging in complexity from a simple arrow to more complex floral patterns.  These images are dark, generally black with white removed to create the image.  The book opens with a woodcut of Canterbury Cathedral and of the Knight on his horse.  In addition to the head and tail pieces, there is a depiction of each pilgrim to go with his or her general prologue description.

The work includes the tales of the Knight, the Nun’s Priest, the Scholar (Clerk), the Sea Captain (Shipman), the Judge, the Franklin, the Wife of Bath, the Steward (Manciple), and the Pardoner.  These tales are presented as prose “novelizations," each with its own title.  (The Wife of Bath's Tale, for example, is here called "The Queen's Riddle.")