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King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table


King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

by: Henry Frith (Author)
F. A. Fraser (Artist)

Publisher Location: Philadelphia
Publisher Name: David McKay
Publication Date: n.d. [1912]
The Battle with Sir MordredThe Damsels at the FountainThe Holy Vessel of the SangrealHow Arthur Drew Forth the SwordHow Merlin in Disguise Visited the KingHow the Tourney Had Like to End in BloodshedKing Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table - Frontispiece King Arthur Departs with the Three QueensThe King at the FountainKing Mark Pursued by DagonetKing Mark Stabs Sir BaudwinKing Pellinore and the Damsel at the WellThe Lady Isolde Ministers to Sir TramtristThe Maid of AstolatThe Queen Discovers who Slew her BrotherThe Quest of the White HartThe Railing DamselSir Brandiles, Sir Persant, Sir Ironside, and Sir PelleasSir Dinadan Overtakes Sir TristramSir GalahadSir Galahad on his QuestSir Galahad Receives his Father's BlessingSir Galahad Seeks Counsel of GodSir Garish of the MountSir Gringamore Rides Away with the DwarfSir Launcelot and Sir PalamidesSir Launcelot du LakeSir Launcelot Receiveth the Pope's LettersSir Launcelot to the Rescue of the QueenSir Launcelot's Last Sight of Queen GueneverSir Melias Finds a Crown in the ForestSir Palamides Beats Down Sir TristramSir Palamides Delivers Dame BragwaineSir Segwarides Rides After Sir TristramSir Tristram Departs from Tintagel CastleThe TournamentTristram and His Mother in the Woods

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Additional Information:
This volume is a reprint of the 1884 edition published in London by G. Routledge & Sons.