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Pogány, Willy

Willy Pogány

1882 - 1955

Above His Shoulder a Great Spear Rose HighAlighted Ferris, Sword in Hand to KillAll Grew Giant-Hearted with their LordAt Length He Mounted, and Crossed O'er the Lowered Drawbridge - SmallAt Length He mounted, and Crosser O'er the Lowered DrawbridgeBackground IllustrationBehold the Sacred SpearBehold the Swan-Lord and His Daughter FairBeneath the Oaks of MontsalvatBewildered Stood ParsifalThe Calling of Parsifal The Coming of the Grail Contents PageA Crystal Chalice . . . That Seemed to Pulse Forth LightThe Cup and Spear - SmallThe Cup and SpearDeathless, and parch'd With ThirstEach Knight Rode Mighty with the Strength of Ten The Flag that Thou Must FollowGrey Twilight for that Aged PairGroaning, At His Side He ClutchedHe . . . Traced Upon Her Brow the Sign of ChristHe Saw an Aged Man Beside the BrinkThe High Mysterious CallInto the Shadowy Wood He Took His WayIntroductionIntroduction and Part I Background IllustrationKundryKundry, the Lady of the ForestLeaning On His Lance Stood Parsifal No Medicine May Heal Amfortas' WoundNo Medicine May Heal Amfortas' Wound - SmallParsifalParsifal and AmfortasParsifal Heals AmfortasParsifal in the ForestParsifal PrayingParsifal Swung It in His Joyous MoodParsifal the Fool Parsifal-Half-TitleParsifal-Title PagePart VI: Background IllustrationPart VI: The DelivererShe, Amaz'd, Recoiled a StepSilent and Pale Was KundrySlow and Without a Word They Turned Them HomeSo Fared He On A Span Deep in His Side I Drove It - SmallA Span Deep in His Side I Drove ItThe SpearStill Mute . . . Stood Young ParsifalStranger Things Their Eyes Were Still to SeeThey Clung Together, By One Impulse Sweet UnitedThey Turned the Tide of Some Disastrous FightThis was Kundry . . . Angry, Asham'dThus Were His Lips By Courtly Devoir Seal'dThy Mother Secretly Fled From Her Lordly Castle Time With Alll the Stor'd Up Weight of All Her Centuries Smote HerTiturel and the Grail Titurel Bore It Homeward ReverentlyTiturel, the Valiant Pious KnightUpon Her Scarlet Lips He Kiss'd Her Vainly Had He Yearn'd To Be Enroll'd Among That BandA Woman's Face . . . With Grey Locks and Eyes of Fire A Wondrous Palace, Never Built with HandsThe Wounding of Amfortas

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