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Flint, Sir W. Russell

Sir W. Russell Flint

1880 - 1969

Name Variant(s): William Russell Flint, Russell Flint

Ah, Sir Bors, gentle knight have mercy on us allAnd anon he rased off his helm, and smote his neck in sunderAnd then they put on their helms and departed, and recommended them all wholly unto the queen; and there was weeping and great sorrowAnd therewith on his hands and on his knees he went so nigh that he touched the holy vesselAs she was at the fire to take her execution, young Tristram kneeled afore King Meliodas, and besought him to give him a boon'As soon as I wist that this adventure was ordained me I clipped off my hair, and made this girdle in the name of God'But ye shall abide, and I shall throw such an enchantment upon him that he shall not awake within the space of an hour; and so she didFor certein, whan that fortune list to flee...He gave him such a buffet upon the helm with his sword that King Arthur had no power to keep his saddleHow Sir Launcelot and his kinsmen rescued the queen from the fireMadam, said Sir Tristram, this is a fair shield and a mightyMorgan le Fay was put to school in a nunnery, and there she learned so much that she was a great clerk of necromancy'My knights, and my servants, and my true children, which be come out of deadly life into spiritual life, I will now no longer hide me from you'Ne how the goddes ronne up and doun... (Frontispiece)She was a great huntress and daily she used to hunt, and ever she bare her bow with herSir Launcelot beheld the young squire and saw him seemly and demure as a dove, with all manner of good features, that he weened of his age never to have seen so fair a man of formThat Jankin clerk...Thee mene I, mayde and martir...Then Sir Launcelot saw her visage, but he wept not greatly, but sighedThen the king was sworn upon the four EvangelistsThen the Queen Guenever made great sorrow for the departing of her lord and otherThen was she girt with a noble sword whereof the king had marvelThere he blew three deadly motes, and there came two damosels and armed him lightlyTherefore thee behoveth now to choose one of us fourThey fought for the love of one lady, and ever she lay on the walls and beheld themThey went into their country of Benoye, and lived there in great joyThis espied King Mark, how she kneeled down and said: 'Sweet Lord Jesu, have mercy upon me, for I may not live after the death of Sir Tristram de Liones'When she saw he would not abide, she prayed unto God to send him as much need of help as she had, and that he might feel it or he died“A lusty playne, habundant of vitaille...“Allas, fortune!“Almache answerde...“Amiddes of the temple sat meschaunce...“And after this, he dide him swich plesaunce, That he him shewed his lady on a daunce” -Frankeleyns Tale“And for-as-muche as a man may acquiten him-self...“And he weex wroth...“And how asseged was Ipolita, The faire hardy quene of Scithia” “And on hir bare knees adoun they falle...“And she gan kisse his brest...“And to the tree she gooth ful hastily...“But whan she saugh the grisly rokkes blake... “But with glad chere to the yate is went...“Certes, for fals witnessing was Susanna...“Daunced a quuyer biforen Dorigen...“Grisilde of this... (Frontispiece)“He caste his eye upon Emelya...“His bowe he bente...“I swoor that al my walkinge out by nighte...“In Flaundres whylom was a companye...“Jalous he was...“Judith, by hir good conseil...“Night with his mantel...“Now lat us turne agayn to Januarie...“Remember yow, myn owene lord so dere...“The constable of the castel doun is fare...“This child with pitous lamentacioun...“Thise almesses shaltow doon of thyne owene propre thinges... (Frontispiece)“To shippe is brough this woful faire mayde Solempnely...“Whan that Aprille with his shoures sote...“… And on this book he swoor anoon She gilty was...“…The knight saugh verraily al this...

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