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Margetson, W. H.

W. H. Margetson

1861 - 1940

(Frontispiece) There, before all the people, Arthur pulled the sword out of the stoneArthurArthur seized the sword by the handle and pulled it lightly out of the anvilBalan, full of fear, crawled on his hands and knees to his brotherBalin jumped over the wall of the castleBalin rushed from room to room looking for a weaponBalin started to his feet, and drew his swordBy her side was lying a white brachetBy the side of a well, King Pellinore saw a lady sitting, holding a wounded knightThe Castle of CarboneckDame Brisen gave Sir Launcelot a cup of wineThe damsel brought Sir Launcelot out of the castleThe dwarf hit Sir Tor's horse such a blow between the eyes that the poor horse staggered back its own lengthExcaliburGareth at once seized the horn; but Linet tried to shop himGareth used to think about all his brother's brave deedsGuineverThe hand and arm passed before Sir Ector and Sir GawaineHe hung his head and rode slowly awayThe Holy Grail, covered with white silk, came into the hallThe Holy GrailThe horse brought Sir Percivale to the shores of a great rough seaI shall try to kill you, ere you go, said the knightI will serve none of you, for ye be all false spell-workers. In the morning one of these ladies came to GawaineJoseph of Arimathea, with his own blood, marked the crossKing Arthur caught sight of a little shipKing Arthur sprang at King Pellinore, and gripped him round the waistKing Arthur still defended himselfKing Arthur took the sword and the scabbardThe knight weeping for his masterLady LionesLady NimueThe lady with the swordLady, I will be a true and loyal husbandLet be, thou foul knave! she said. Slay him not. If thou do, thou shalt repent it.LinetLook! said the Lady Nimue, ye ought to be sore ashamed to be the death of such a knight! MerlinMerlin, to make sure of King Arthur's safety, gave him at once into the care of Sir EctorA monk brought them to where the shield hungMorgan le FayNow you have released me from the spell completelyO, Merlin, tell me that spell! said the Lady NimueThe old man led Sir Galahad to the Siege PerilousOn his hands and knees, the sick knight crept to the Holy Grail Queen GuineverQueen Guinever went to Almesbury, and there she made herself a nunQueen Morgan le Fay took the scabbardThe Ruined ChapelShe was known to have studied magic while she was being brought up in the nunnerySir Bevidere found the archbishop lying, praying, upon a new-made graveSir Bevidere put King Arthur gently into the bargeSir Bors found a ship waiting for himSir Bors met a man in monk's clothing, riding upon an assSir Galahad and the nunsSir Galahad held King Evelake in his arms, and at his touch he was healedSir Gawaine and Sir Ector went on foot until they came to where Nacien, the hermit, livedSir Launcelot could find no way in, for though the door was old and worn, it held fastSir Launcelot lay asleep under the apple treeSir Launcelot saw the Holy Grail, but dimly Sir Lionel had brooded so long over his brother's unkindnessSir Pelleas bound as a prisonerSir Pelleas, looking in, saw Sir Gawaine stoop and kiss the Lady EttardSir Percivale and the recluseSir Priest! said Lionel, if ye leave him not, I shall slay thee, too! So with a good heart, and now fully armed, Galahad rode farther on upon his questThe Sword in the floating stoneThen Sir Percivale's sister hung the sheathed sword upon the girdle, and girded it about Galahad's waistUther PendragonWhen Sir Launcelot du Lake came to her father's court, Elaine knew him at onceWhere is my lady, the queen? said Sir Launcelot

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