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Pyle, Howard

Howard Pyle

1853 - 1911

The Aged Palmer Gives Young David of Doncaster News of Will StutleyAllan a Dale Lieth Beside the FountainAllan-a-Dale Singeth Before Our Good Queen EleanorAllan-a-Dale Tells His StoryThe Barge of the DeadThe Battle with the Sable KnightBelle Isoult and Sir Tristram Drink the Love DraughtThe Bishop of Rochester and the KingA Damsel Bringeth Aid unto Sir EwaineThe Damsel Elose Giveth a Ring to Sir EwaineThe Damsel Elouise the Fair Rescues Sir LauncelotThe Damsel LynetteThe Demoiselle BlanchefleurDenneys and the Hermit Help Sir Launcelot to his Armor The Enchanter MerlinThe Enchantress VivienEnid and Geraint in the GardenEnid and Geraint Ride Past the Town BridgeEnid Talks with the EarlExcalibur the SwordThe Forest Madman Saveth Ye Life of King ArthurFour Knights serve the Gardener LadThe Four Yeomen Have Merry Sport with a Stout MillerFriar Tuck, excerpt from Howard PyleThe Gardener Lad takes off his Cap The Grail is Manifested, and Sir Lanceleot SleepethHeadpiece--List of IllustrationsHeadpiece--PrefaceHeadpiece--Table of ContentsHow Arthur Drew Forth ye SwordHow Sir Launcelot Held Discourse with ye Merry MinstrelsHow Sir Launcelot Rode Errant in a CartIn the Valley of DelightKing Arthur findeth ye old woman in ye hut King Arthur meets the Lady GuinevereKing Arthur of BritainKing Mark Broods MischiefKing Mark of CornwallThe King's Physicians Attend Sir GeraintThe Lady Belle IsoultThe Lady Elaine the Fair Knoweth Sir LauncelotThe Lady Elaine the FairThe Lady GuinevereThe Lady Layonnesse Cometh to the Pavilion of Sir GarethThe Lady LayonnesseThe Lady Nymue Beareth Away Launcelot into the LakeThe Lady of Shalott - Mirror BreakingThe Lady of Shalott Arrives in CamelotThe Lady of Shalott Floating Toward CamelotThe Lady of Shalott WeavingThe Lady of the FountainThe Lady of the Lake and Sir GalahadThe Lady of the Lake finds Sir Pellias woundedThe Lady of the Lake Sits by the Fountain in ArroyThe Lady of the Lake The Lady Yvette the FairLancelotLancelotLauncelot Examines The Lady of ShalottLittle John in the Guise of a Friar Stops Three LassesLittle John Journeys in Holy CompanyLittle John Knoweth Not which Road to TakeLittle John Overcomes Eric o' LincolnThe Madman of the Forest who was Sir LauncelotMerlin Prophesieth from a Cloud of MistThe Merry Friar Carrieth Robin across the Water The Merry Friar Sings a Goodly SongMerry Robin Clad as a Beggar Stops the Corn Engrosser by the Cross Nigh OllertonMerry Robin Hath the Worst of a BargainMerry Robin Stops a Sorrowful KnightMerry Robin Stops a Stranger in ScarletThe Mighty Fight betwixt Little John and the CookOrnament for Fly-LeafParcenet Covers Sir Pellias with a CloakThe Passing of ArthurThe Passing of GuinevereThe Passing of Sir GawaineQueen Morgana Appears unto Sir LauncelotQueen Morgana le Fay Queen Morgana Loses Excalibur His SheathThe Queen of Ireland Seeks to Slay Sir TristramThe Queen's Pages Clothe Sir LauncelotRobin and Little John Go Their Ways in Search of AdventureRobin and the Tinker at the Blue Boar InnRobin Buys the Butcher's MeatRobin Hood Meeteth the Tall Stranger on the BridgeRobin Hood Slayeth Guy of GisbourneRobin Hood Steps betwixt Sir Stephen and His BrideRobin Shooteth His Last ShaftRobin Turns Butcher and Sells His Meat in NottinghamThe Sheriff of Nottingham Cometh before the King at LondonThe Sheriff of Nottingham Plotting against Robin Sends a Messenger to Lincoln Sir Bors de Ganis, the GoodSIr Bors Rides with the White KnightSir Ewaine Poureth Water on the SlabSir Galahad Cometh with the Hermit of the ForestSir Galahad Meets Sir MelyasSir Galahad of the Grail Sir Galahad Rides with the LadySir Gareth doeth Battle with the Knight of the River FordSir Gareth of OrkneySir Gawaine Challenges Sir LauncelotSir Gawaine Finds the Beautiful LadySir Gawaine Knoweth the Shield of Sir LauncelotSir Gawaine Sups with the Lady EttardSir Gawaine the Son of Lot, King of OrkneySir Gawaine, Knight of the FountainSir Geraint and the Knight of the Sparrow HawkSir Geraint Lies AsleepSir Geraint, Son of ErbinSir Kay and the Forest Madman Sir Kay Breaketh His Sword at the TournamentSir Kay Interrupts the Meditations of Sir PercivalSir Kay Showeth the Mystic Sword unto Sir EctorSir Lamorack and Sir Percival Receive Their Mother's BlessingSir Lamorack Herds the Swine of Sir NabonSir Lamorack of GalesSir Launcelot and Elouise the FairSir Launcelot and Sir Lavaine Overlook the Field of AstolatSir Launcelot Climbs to Catch the Lady's FalconSir Launcelot Confideth his Shield to Elaine the FairSir Launcelot Defends the DoorSir Launcelot doeth Battle with Sir TurquineSir Launcelot Greets Queen GuinevereSir Launcelot Leapeth from the WindowSir Launcelot of the LakeSir Launcelot Sits with Sir Hilaire and CroisetteSir Launcelot Slayeth the Worm of CorbinSir Launcelot Takes the Armor of Sir KaySir Lavaine the Son of PellesSir Lionel of BritainSir Mador Begs for his LifeSir Mador de la PorteSir Mellegrans Interrupts the Sport of the QueenSir Mordred the TraitorSir Pellias Encounters the Sorrowful Lady in ArroySir Pellias, the Gentle KnightSir Percival and Sir Ector Look upon the Isle of JoySir Percival and Sir Lamorack Ride TogetherSir Percival of GalesSir Percival Overcometh the Enchantress VivienSir Percival Rideth the Black HorseSir Richard Pleadeth before the Prior of EmmetSir Tristram Assaults King MarkSir Tristram Cometh to ye Castle of Sir NabonSir Tristram Harpeth Before King MarkSir Tristram Leaps into the Sea Sir Tristram of LyonesseSir Tristram Sits with Sir LauncelotSo the Great Reaper Reapeth Among the FlowersThe Stout Bout between Little John & Arthur a BlandStout Robin Hath a Narrow EscapeTailpiece--EpilogueTailpiece--List of IllustrationsTailpiece--Part ITailpiece--Part IIITailpiece--Part IVTailpiece--Part VTailpiece--Part VITailpiece--Part VIITailpiece--Part VIIITailpiece--PrefaceTailpiece--PrologueThey Came to See The Lady of ShalottTristram Succors the Lady MoeyaTwo Knights Do Battle before CameliardUther-PendragonVivien Bewitches MerlinThe White Champion meets two Knights at the Mill The Young Knight of the Lea Overcomes the Knight of LancasterYoung Richard Partington Cometh to Seek Merry Robin HoodYoung Robin Goes to the Shooting Match

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