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Clarke, Harry

Harry Clarke

1889 - 1931

Again, vanity is implicitly addressed in the illustration which ends the tale.Am I come hither to serve you with water, pray?Another gown the colour of the moon.Anyone but Cinderilla would have dressed their heads awry.At this very instant the young fairy came out from behind the hangings.Away she drove, scarce able to contain herself for joy.Blue beard joins his other wives.Cinderella and her princeClarke depicts the disquised princess 'Donkey Skin'Clarke's illustration ending Little Thumb.Clarke's title page for the tale Riquet with the Tuft.Curiosity made him put his eye to the keyhole.Endpiece depicting man as servant to beautiful and virtuous woman.He asked whither she was goingHe brought them home by the very same way they came.He saw upon a bed, the finest sight was ever beheld.He thought the Princess was his Queen.'I will have it so,' replied the queen, 'And will eat her with a sauce Robert.'Illustration of couple with an attendant used to end the taleIllustration of PuppeteerIllustration, implicit of the old dance, posited over the list of illustrationsThe image of metamorphosis placed at the end of the tale.Jupiter appeared before him wielding his mighty thunderbolts.Little Thumb was as good as his word, and returned that same night with news.A long black pudding came winding and wriggling towards her.The marquis gave his hand to the princess, and followed the King, who went up first.Moral for Blue Beard.Moral for Perrault's Ridiculous Wishes.The Moral of Little Thumb.The Moral of Perrault's Fairy TalesPerrault's moral appendage for young peoplePerrault's moral directive for Donkey SkinPerrault's moral for Cinderilla.Perrault's moral for Sleeping Beauty.Perrault's morals for Riquet with a Tuft.Perrault's second moral for Cinderilla.Portrait of Perrault Avec ardeur il aima les beaux arts a quote from his work GriselidisThe Prince believed he had given her more wit than he had reserved for himself.The Prince enquires of the aged countryman.A Princess, who appeared to be about fifteen or sixteen years of age.The puppet motif continues on the title page of Little Red Riding HoodPutting the slipper to her footRiquet with the Tuft appeared to her the finest Prince upon earth.She left behind one of her glass slippers, which the Prince took up most carefully.Silhouette sketch of lovers in the garden denoting the end of the tale.Table of Contents (Perrault)This man had the misfortune to have a blue beard.Title Page for Fairy Tales of Charles PerraultTitle page of Cinderilla, or the Little Glass Slipper.Title Page of The FairyTitle page of The Ridiculous Wishes.Title Page to Blue BeardTitle page to Little Thumb.Title page to The Master Cat; or Puss in BootsTruth to tell, this new ornament did not set off her beauty.Two morals Perrault offers for the taleWhat is this I see? said her motherWhat, is not the key of my closet among the rest?

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