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Beard, Dan

Dan Beard

1850 - 1941

Name Variant(s): Daniel Carter Beard

The Abbot's Solemn ProcessionAfter Prayers We Had DinnerAfter the ExplosionAll Men Are Born Free and EqualAnd So We StartedAnd were Soon as Sociable as Old AcquaintancesAnother MiracleArmor is heavy, yet it is a proud burden, and a man standeth straight in itAt the Twelfth Repetition they Fell Apart in ChunksAudi AlteramA Band of SlavesBarber to H. M., The KingBgwjjilligkkk!!The Boys Helped Me, or I Never Could Have Got In (Initial Letter. Chapter XI)Brer Merlin Steals the LariatBrother to Dirt Like This?Burial of a FreemanBy a Sarcasm of Law and Phrase They Were FreemenCatcher of the Ulster NineCharge of the 500 KnightsChildren of Monarchy by the Grace of God and the Established ChurchA Child's Affair for SimplenessThe Church Is Master NowThe Church Puts Its Foot in ItThe Church, the King, the Nobleman, and the FreemanDeciding an ArgumentDecorations of Sixth Century AristocracyDefend Thee, Lord!--Peril of Life is Toward!Delirium, of Course, But SO Real!Detailed an Intelligent Priest, and Ordered Him to Report itDiscrepancy in Noses Makes No DifferenceThe Earth Belongs to the PeopleEffect of the Pipe on SandyEffect of the Pipe on the FreemenEffect of the Sun on the Iron ClothesThe End [by Dan Beard]EvolutionThe False Prophet Going to Meet the KingThe FeastThe FireThe Flies Buzzed and Bit UnmolestedFor I Was Afraid of the ChurchA FoundlingGo It, Slim Jim!Go 'Long, I said; You Ain't More Than a ParagraphGreat Scott, But There Was a SensationGreat Scott, Can't You Understand a Little Thing Like That?Hands Off! My Person Is SacredHast Seen Sir Launcelot About?He Gave Me a Sudden Look That Bit Right Through Into My MarrowHe Unlimbered his Tongue and Cursed Like a BishopHe Was a ManHe Was Frighted Even to the MarrowHe was Great NowHe was Hungry for a FightThe Head of the Cavalcade Swept ForwardHello-Central!High ChurchHow Old are You, Sandy?I Caught a Picture That Will Not Go From MeI Could Imagine the Baby Goo-gooingI Saw He Meant BusinessInherited Ideas Are a Curious ThingInitial Letter (A Word of Explanation)Initial Letter (Chapter I)Initial Letter (Chapter II)Initial Letter (Chapter III)Initial Letter (Chapter IV)Initial Letter (Chapter IX)Initial Letter (Chapter V)Initial Letter (Chapter VI)Initial Letter (Chapter VII)Initial Letter (Chapter VIII)Initial Letter (Chapter X)Initial Letter (Chapter XII)Initial Letter (Chapter XIII)Initial Letter (Chapter XIV)Initial Letter (Chapter XIX)Initial Letter (Chapter XL)Initial Letter (Chapter XLI)Initial Letter (Chapter XLII)Initial Letter (Chapter XLIII)Initial Letter (Chapter XLIV)Initial Letter (Chapter XV)Initial Letter (Chapter XVI)Initial Letter (Chapter XVII)Initial Letter (Chapter XVIII)Initial Letter (Chapter XX)Initial Letter (Chapter XXI)Initial Letter (Chapter XXII)Initial Letter (Chapter XXIII)Initial Letter (Chapter XXIV)Initial Letter (Chapter XXIX)Initial Letter (Chapter XXV)Initial Letter (Chapter XXVI)Initial Letter (Chapter XXVII)Initial Letter (Chapter XXVIII)Initial Letter (Chapter XXX)Initial Letter (Chapter XXXI)Initial Letter (Chapter XXXII)Initial Letter (Chapter XXXIII)Initial Letter (Chapter XXXIV)Initial Letter (Chapter XXXIX)Initial Letter (Chapter XXXV)Initial Letter (Chapter XXXVI)Initial Letter (Chapter XXXVII)It Had in it a Sample of About All the Upper Occupations and Professions.It Lay There All Battered to a PulpIt Was a Noble EffectIt was Delicious to See a Newspaper AgainIt Was the Largest Castle We Had SeenThe JourneyThe King [by Dan Beard]King UriensKnights Practicing on the QuietLatest Eruption, Only Two CentsLauncelot Swept InLook Out and Hold on Tight!Marhaus, Son of the King of Ireland, From an Effigy Found in the CastleMerely a Great Big VillageMerlin [by Dan Beard]A Middy from my Naval Academy Mrs. Le FayMy Lord, the Earl GripThe NewsboyNext!The Nineteenth Century Booming Under Its Very NoseNon-Indexed Image, Page 432Not a Word of it Could these Catfish Make Head or Tail ofOh, Beware! These are Awful Words!On the TrampOne of the 52One of the PeopleThe OratorOriginal AgonyOverbalanced The Practical Joker's JokePresently We Struck an IncidentPursuitQueen Guenever Was as Naïvely Interested as the RestThe Queen's OwnRah for Protection!The Rest of the Tale Is Just War, Pure and Simple The Reverent and Awe-Stricken MultitudesThe Round Table [by Dan Beard]A Sample of One Sort of London SocietySandySandy and the Boss at the Second TableSandy Rode by on a MuleSandy was Worn Out with NursingSandy with RoyaltyShe Continued to Fetch and Pour Until I Was Well Soaked Sing, Dance, Carouse Every NightSir Arthur Took It up by the HandlesSir BossSir Cote Male TaileSir Galahad Takes a HeaderSir Gawaine and Sir UwaineSir Mordred [by Dan Beard]Sir Sagramour le DesirousSister, Your Blind is Disarranged The Slave DriverSlaves Warming ThemselvesSlim JimSmothered with BlessingsSnuffing the CandleSo We Took a Man-of-warSolid ComfortSome Manhood Even in a KingSome of the Boys Going a GrailingThe Spirit of the ChurchThe Spirit that Goeth with Burdens that Have not HonorStarving, Eh? Why Don't you Grow a Nose Like Mine?The Stranger's StoryStreets of LondonThe Sun Struck the Sea of Armor and Set It All on FireSupreme Head of the Church and Some Other HeadsTail-Piece (A Word of Explanation) [by Dan Beard]Tail-Piece (Chapter XLIV) [by Dan Beard]The Tale of the Lost LandThat Fellow on the Pillar, Standing RigidThat Old Tower Leaped into the Sky in ChunksThat Was the ChurchThat Will Do, I Said, I Reckon You Are a Patient.Then Sir Marhaus Ran to the Duke, and Smote Him with His SpearThere Are Ways to Persuade Him to Abandon ItThere Was No Soap, No Matches, No Looking-GlassThey Came in a Body, They Came With a WhirrThey Have a Right to Their View. I Only Stand to ThisThey Thought I Was One of Those Fire Belching DragonsThis Horrible Sky-Towering MonsterThis Would Undermine the ChurchThe Three Brothers, as Described by SandyThe Three MaidsThree Years AfterTo Subtract the Nation and Leave Behind Some DregsTo the Gentleman He was AbjectToward the Monk the Coal Burner was Deeply ReverentTraitor, Now Is Thy Death Day ComeTransformationThe Tree and the FruitA Tree is Known by its FruitsThe Troublesomest Old Sow of the LotTwo of a KindUnder the Curse of RomeVarlet, Serve to Me What Cheer ye HaveWalking on Air, She was So ProudWe Constituted the Rear of his ProcessionWe Got the Hogs HomeWe Were Challenged by the Warders, and After Parley AdmittedA West PointerWhat Is It You Call it? ChuckleheadsWhen a Slave Passed He Couldn't Even See HimWhere Launcelot Is, She Noteth Not the Going Forth of the KingWhere Was My Great Commerce?Who Fails Shall Sup in Hell To-nightWhy do you Not Warn Me To Cease?Why, They Were Nothing but Rabbits!A Yard of Snowy Church-wardenYe Iron DudeYes, Sire, That Is About It, I Am Afraid

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