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Evening Star

The evening star trembles and hides from him
   Who fain would hold it with imperious stare;
   Yet, to the averted eye, lo! unaware
   It shines serene, no longer shy and dim.
O, slow and sweet, its chalice to the brim
   Fills the leaf-shadowed grape with rich and rare
   Cool sunshine, caught from the white circling air!
Home from his journey to the round world’s rim,—

Through lonely lands, through cloudy seas and vext,
   At last the Holy Grail met Launfal’s sight.
   So when my friend lost him who was her next
Of soul,—life of her life,—all day the fight
   Raged with a dumb and pitiless God. Perplext
   She slept. Heaven se nt its comfort in the night.


Additional Information:

"Evening Star" contains an allusion to James Russell Lowell's poem The Vision of Sir Launfal.